About Snazal Books Wholesale

Snazal ® is a world wide Books Wholesaler, selling millions of books to the general public and to the wholesale trade market.

Snazal is one of the nations largest (and fast becoming the nation's favourite) supplier of top quality books. There's no obligation to buy, our prices are good and our service is great. Snazal offers a unique service, that is Snazal Wholesale, helps the local UK independent stores by providing a wholesale service and helping the general public in finding the right product for its customers at great prices.

Our independent agents cover all the major cities and town in the country and sell books directly to people in their places of work. From schools and hospitals to offices and small businesses, our agents carefully select bestselling titles and take it with them to sell directly to their customers, wherever sales they make the agents takes their commission, any titles which does not sell for them they can bring it back to our warehouse as long as they are in original condition.. This popular method of bookselling reaches markets untouched by high street chains and leads to our distributors becoming highly valued members of their local community.

As a agent you would run your business independently, but with the support of the Snazal Wholesale experienced and the recognition factor of our established brand (Snazal). You would receive full training and guide to take you through the whole process of becoming our agent. Unlike a traditional franchise, you would not have to provide upfront investment or be left with unsold stock.

Finally, joining the Snazal Wholesale means you would become part of a family firm that looks after its agents and, with regular competitions and get-together, you’ll enjoy the fun side of this vibrant company too!

Becoming a UK National Book Agent

Snazal is now recruiting local UK agents to help it grow it UK book market distribution.  The Snazal concept is simplicity itself, and designed to support our agents and maximise profits. As a agent, you would have…

A given territory in the UK
Customers in your area would only receive books in their workplace from you. Our range of titles is are taken from best selling product range.

A great range of books!
We would supply you with all the latest box set books to choose from.

A monthly review of titles
We would have a review of the stocks that you have taken and look at whatever’s doing well in your area.  Then we can swap titles so you are selling titles which work for you.

Help and advice
Our support service would train you in all you need to get up and running.

Key Skills Needed

To find out whether you’re cut out to be a Snazal Wholesale Agent, answer the following questions:

  • Do you like books?

  • Do you have excellent organisational skills?

  • Can you pay close attention to detail?

  • Do you enjoy meeting people?

  • Are you happy to work on your own?

  • Do you enjoy physical work?

  • Can you handle working outdoors, in all weathers?

  • Are you up for a challenge?

If you answered "Yes!” to the above, your next step should be to find out more about joining our fabulous team of agents! - Please Click Here to make an enquiry.


As in any other business, you will need some basics to get your operation up and running. The key elements needed to become a Snazal Wholesale agent are assistance, transport and storage.

It your business.  You run it small (Self service if you want) How ever Help with running your business is essential, and a great way of turning your operation into a real family concern: some of our most successful agents are husband-and-wife teams, while other agents recruit their sons and daughters or best friends to help out.

From day one, the minimum you will need is someone with you in your vehicle to help sort out the books and prepare customer orders. However this is not essential, but desirable.  As your business grows, a second or even a third van will help you deliver to more customers – boosting your turnover and your income.


It your business.  If you have a car that good enough.  Keep your cost low.  However as you grow, we would recommend you to get started with a suitable van to transport your books. Your transport doesn’t have to be brand new, as long as it is smart enough and, most importantly, reliable.

It your business.  To save cost as an agent you will need to leave an area of a room empty for stock. As you grow, you will need an accessible, dry and very secure storage area, many agents opt for secure storage space in large subdivided warehouses such as Shurgard or The Big Yellow. 

These are ideal and can often provide exactly the amount of space needed at a competitive price, plus they also have pallet trolleys and other useful equipment to hand. Other alternatives include local council business units.

Our Customers

As a self employed UK agent.  You will need to attend your local schools and local UK events happening all over in your local area.  Where there are people.  People will buy our books.  You just need to display it to key buyers.  Even our most experienced UK agents are unable to tell at first glance which customers will buy which books. So our golden rule is to try mixture of books in which you can handle.  Then let customer choose.

Everyone loves books, but our independent local UK agents tell us that the following places of work consistently prove to be particularly loyal and enthusiastic customers:

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Nurseries

  • Playgroups

  • After-school clubs

  • local UK Community Centres

Our business has been built on the belief that that everyone is a potential customer!

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