Alice Liveing Clean Eating Collection 3 Books Set Titles In the Set Clean Eating Alice Everyday Fitness, The Body Bible, Eat Well Everyday
Alice Liveing Clean Eating Collection 3 Books Set (Clean Eating Alice Everyday Fitness, The Body Bible, Eat Well Everyday) by Alice Liveing
Alice Liveing Clean Eating Collection 3 Books Set (Clean Eating Alice Everyday Fitness, The Body Bible, Eat Well Everyday) by Alice Liveing

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Alice Living Clean Eating Collection 3 Books Set


Clean Eating Alice Everyday Fitness

Sunday Times Bestselling author, Clean Eating Alice shares a fabulous selection of 100 new recipes in her eagerly anticipated first cookbook. Hundreds of thousands on Instagram have already been inspired by Alices meals that are both healthy and delicious. When people are nott obsessing over her recipes, they are checking out her amazing abs. For Alice, clean eating is all about developing a healthy relationship with food, and she believes that everyone can make permanent changes to their body with the right combination of diet and exercise. In this book, Alice share her tips for creating enticing lunches, breakfasts and dinners that fit your daily routine and will help you feel fantastic from the inside out. No food groups are omitted from Alices recipes. Using 7 deconstructed food plates from a post-work out plate to a rest day plate, Alice sets out what to eat post-work out, on rest days �€" and also your cheat day of course! Give your day a kick-start with crispy courgette fritters with smoked salmon for breakfast, spice your lunch up with Thai-style turkey burgers, and give yourself a post-workout treat with grilled steak with balsamic puy lentils and feta for dinner. Eat Well Every Day also includes Alices trademark Simple Swaps and Alices sample week meal planner so you can follow her advice to the tee.

Clean Eating Alice The Body Bible

Alice will inspire you to discover a new way of eating and exercising that banishes low-calorie, yo-yo dieting and shows you the way to a healthier mind and body. This is not a diet �€" it is about transforming your lifestyle permanently. Alice knew that a quick fix was not what she was after. what she needed was a permanent lifestyle change. In a world where everything is so instant and we have been conditioned to believe that a diet should have rapid results, we have lost our understanding of how to properly nourish our bodies to achieve long-term, sustainable health and fitness. The Body Bible is your guide to embracing a better way of living that will leave you feeling invigorated. The Body Bible provides you with over 80 enticing recipes for clean-yet-delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to transform the way you eat and feel. It will also guide you through Alices easy-to-follow HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere and anytime. This book will show you how to combine a tried and tested food and exercise plan to get the strong body and healthy mindset that will last you a lifetime.

This book is about looking and feeling great inside and out, you have to be disciplined and dedicated but I promise, you will get out what you put in. It will transform the way that you eat and feel forever. Alice, January 2016

Clean Eating Alice Eat Well Everyday

From Instagram sensation to Sunday Times bestselling author, Clean Eating Alice is the authoritative voice in diet and fitness. On her fitness journey, Alice discovered that exercise can be enjoyable and totally accessible. In Everyday Fitness, she shares her tips and expertise to get you moving and help you achieve amazing results. Whatevers motivating you to seek change, you will be feeling proud of how you look and feel in no time. Whats more, you will soon realise that exercise can be so effortlessly included in your daily routine that it becomes second nature. Using clear, simple instructions, Alice covers everything you will need to achieve your fitness goals. She explains the basic facts about exercise; the best pre- and post-workout foods; how to maintain motivation and the benefits of proper warm-up routines. You will also find an array of her trademark, easy-to-follow HIIT workouts, to be done at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. This book also includes 20 recipes for power snacks and meal ideas to compliment your training. Exercise does not have to be a chore and with Alices guidance and the right balance of diet and wellness, you will be well on your way to achieving long-term, sustainable health and happiness.

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Alice Liveing Clean Eating Collection 3 Books Set (Clean Eating Alice Everyday Fitness, The Body Bible, Eat Well Everyday)

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