Ancient Myths Collection 16 Books Box Set Pack Athena and The Olive Tree, Daedalus and Icarus, The Twelve Labours of Heracles, Hermes Tricks The Gods, Jason and the Golden Fleece, The Adventures of Odysseus, Persphone and the Pomegranate Seeds, Perseus and The Gorgon Medusa, Phaeton and The Sun Chariot, Theseus and the Minotaur, The Wooden Horse, Zeus Conquers the Titans, Burning the Books and The Guardian Geese, Roman Myths City Of Dreams, Roman Myths Romulus and Remus, A Shot in the Dark
Ancient Myths Collection 16 Books Box Set Pack by Geraldine McCaughrean  (Author), Tony Ross (Illustrator)
Ancient Myths Collection 16 Books Box Set Pack by Geraldine McCaughrean  (Author), Tony Ross (Illustrator)
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Ancient Myths Collection 16 Books Box Set


Discover the Greatest Stories Ever Told

Unlock the myths of ancient Greece and Rome in the fantastic collection, retold for a new generation of readers and brought to life with tony ross unique illustration. the perfect introduction to the rich and beautiful world of Greek and Roman mythology

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Ancient Myths Collection 16 Books Box Set Pack

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Geraldine McCaughrean It's 30 years now since I first got published, and 50 since I found out how writing let me step outside my little, everyday world and go wherever I chose - way back in Time, to far distant shores, towards my own, home-made happy ending. Not that all my books are an easy ride. I write adventure, first and foremost, because that's what I enjoyed reading as a child. But since I have published over 150 books now, there are all manner of books in among that number - gorgeously illustated picture books, easy readers, prize winners, teenage books and five adult novels. The White Darkness won the Printz Award in the USA, which, for as Englishwoman, was the most amazing, startling thrill. Then there was Peter Pan in Scarlet - official sequel to J M Barrie's Peter Pan, written on behalf of Great Ormond Street Hopsital for Sick Children. I won the chance to write that in a worldwide competition, and because Peter Pan is loved everywhere, my book sold worldwide too. I can't say I expected that when, as a child, I dreamed of being like my older brother and getting a book published one day. These days I have a husband (who's good at continuity and spelling) and a daughter who is an excellent editor. But she's at the Royal Academy of Dramtic Art now, studying to become an actor. So, naturally, I have turned my hand to writing plays. (So many actors, so few plays!) My Mum told me, "Never boil your cabbages twice, dear," which was her way of saying, "Don't repeat yourself." So I have tried never to write the same book twice. You'll find all my novels quite different from one another. I have also done lots of retellings of myth, legend, folk and fairy tales, and adapted indigestible classics such as El Cid, the Epic of Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, Moby Dick, Shakespeare and the Pilgrim's Progress. Something for everyone, you see, my dear young, not-so-young, eccentric, middle-of-the-road, poetical, sad, cheerful, timid or reckless reader. All they have in common is that they all contain words. If you are allergic to words, you'd best not open the covers.

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An interesting books set for children, my baby loves it so much.

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