Anne OBrien Collection 6 books set a historical fiction novels. Titles in this set are: The Forbidden Queen, The King's Concubine, The Scandalous Duchess, Devil's Consort and Virgin Widow.
Anne OBrien Collection 6 Books Set by Anne OBrien
Anne OBrien Collection 6 Books Set by Anne OBrien
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Anne O'Brien Collection 6 Books Set


The Forbidden Queen
An innocent pawn. A kingdom without a King. A new dynasty will reign�€� 1415.
The jewel in the French crown, Katherine de Valois, is waiting under lock and key for King Henry V. While he�€�s been slaughtering her kinsmen in Agincourt, Katherine has been praying for marriage to save her from her misery. But the brutal King wants her crown, not her innocent love. For Katherine, England is a lion�€�s den of greed, avarice and mistrust. And when Katherine is widowed at twenty-one she is a prize ripe for the taking. Her young son the future monarch, her hand in marriage worth a kingdom. This is a deadly political game; one the Dowager Queen must learn fast. The players �€" Duke of Gloucester, Edmund Beaufort and Owen Tudor -are circling. Who will have her? Who will ruin her? This is the story of Katherine de Valois. The forbidden queen who launched the most famous dynasty of all time�€�
The King's Concubine
One marriage. Three people. Proud king. Loving wife. Infamous mistress. 1362. Philippa of Hainault selects a young orphan from a convent. Alice Perrers, a girl born with nothing but ambition. The Queen has a role waiting for her at court. I have lifted you from nothing Alice. Now you repay me.�€� Led down the corridors of the royal palace, the young virgin is secretly delivered to King Edward III �€" to perform the wifely duties of which ailing Philippa is no longer capable. Power has a price, and Alice Perrers will pay it. Mistress to the King. Confidante of the Queen. Whore to the court. Her fate is double edged; loved by the majesties, ostracised by her peers. Alice must balance her future with care as her star begins to rise �€" the despised concubine is not untouchable. Politics and pillow talk are dangerous bedfellows. The fading great King wants her in his bed. Her enemies want her banished. One mistake and Alice will face a threat worse than any malicious whispers of the past.
The Scandalous Duchess
If you will be a great man�€�s mistress you must pay the price...
1372, The Savoy. Widow Lady Katherine Swynford presents herself for a role in the household of merciless royal prince John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, hoping to end her destitution. But the Duke�€�s scandalous proposition leaves her life of pious integrity reeling... Seduced by the glare of royal adoration, Katherine becomes John�€�s mistress. She will leave behind everything she has stood for to play second fiddle to his young wife and ruthless ambition. She will live in the shadows of the most powerful man in England in the hope of a love greater than propriety. But soon the court whispers �€" whore, harlot, vile temptress �€" reach the ears of not just John�€�s bride but his most dangerous political enemies. As the Plantagenet prince is accused of bringing England to its knees, who better to blame than shameless she-devil Katherine Swynford Dragged from the shadows, Katherine must answer for her sins.
Devil's Consort
I�€�ll not be a vessel merely to carry my blood to my children. I am no brood mare to slave at the behest of a husband. Bordeaux. July, 1137. Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine eagerly awaits her first meeting with the French Prince she is to marry. But the union is a disaster. Louis is more monk than monarch and Eleanor soon finds that the crown of France is no consolation for a weak, impotent husband. When Louis announces that God has commanded him to go on crusade, Eleanor seizes her chance to be mistress of her own destiny and ride into battle. But the march to the Holy Land will make her the most scandalous woman in Christendom. A notoriety which will propel Eleanor into the arms of Henry Plantagenet and change the fate of England �€" forever�€�
Virgin Widow
I was a penniless, landless petitioner, my Neville blood a curse, my future dependent on the charity of those who despised me�€�Anne Neville is the heiress and daughter of the greatest powerbroker in the land, Warwick the Kingmaker. Trapped in a deadly tangle of political intrigue, she is a pawn in an uncertain game, used by the houses of Neville, York and Lancaster alike. In England�€�s glittering, treacherous court, not all wish to see the Nevilles raised high. The Earl of Warwick�€�s ambition and pride lead him into an attempt to depose the Yorkist King; his treason forces his family into exile. Humiliated and powerless in a foreign land, Anne must find the courage and the wit to survive in such a dangerous man�€�s world. Compulsively readable, Anne O�€�Brien vividly evokes the story of Richard III�€�s queen with a passion and vibrancy reminiscent of Phillipa Gregory and Alison Weir.

The King's Sister
1382. Daughter of John of Gaunt, sister to the future King Henry IV, Elizabeth of Lancaster has learned the shrewd tricks of the court from England�€�s most powerful men. In a time of political turmoil, allegiance to family is everything. A Plantagenet princess should never defy her father�€�s wishes. Yet headstrong Elizabeth refuses to bow to the fate of a strategic marriage. Rejecting her duty, Elizabeth weds the charming and ruthlessly ambitious Sir John Holland: Duke of Exeter, half-brother to King Richard II and the one man she has always wanted. But defiance can come at a price.

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Anne OBrien Collection 6 Books Set

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Anne O'Brien is an Associate Professor of History at the University of New South Wales, Australia. She has published widely in the fields of welfare, religion and women's and gender history. Her most recent monograph is God's Willing workers: Women and religion in Australia (2005).

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