Anthony Horowitz Legends 6 books collection, These books are all about the story of legendary heroes who has saved the world and people from dangerous circumstances.
Anthony Horowitz Legends 6 Books Collection Set by Anthony Horowitz
Anthony Horowitz Legends 6 Books Collection Set by Anthony Horowitz
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Anthony Horowitz Legends 6 Books Collection

Battles and Quests

Age of war, of death and destruction, the world needs heroes. "Arthur", "Theseus", "Geriguiaguiatugo", their names are whispered on the wind tales of epic quests, of furious battles, beasts slain and the glory of victory . .

Beasts and Monsters

In the cold, dead eyes of the Banshee, and the hissing, spitting fangs of the Gorgon; in the fiery breath of the dragon and the razor sharp claws of the Sphinx there is a thirst for blood and a murderous hunger. But it is a time of heroes, and the teeth and claws of these hideous beasts are no match for the lethal blades of such men . . .

Death and the Underworld

From the pen of master storyteller Anthony Horowitz comes a new series of myths and legends from around the world, retold in a contemporary voice, and illustrated with bold, graphic artwork. Packed with Horowitz's signature action, humor, and suspense these collections feel fresh, modern, and perfect for today's fast-moving audience. When life is over, and the conflicted souls of the dead wend their weary way down to the underworld, what do they see? A three-headed dog with slavering jaws, a bubbling swamp and a hangman's noose, or simply darkness? From familiar stories like the Greek myth of Orpheus, to lesser known tales like the Viking legend of the poet Nornagest and his precious candle, or the story of the Indian Princess Savitri who cheated death with nothing but her smarts, this collection is full of characters who are brave enough (or foolish enough) to cheat death and tell the tale.

Heroes and Villains

The battle between good and evil has raged throughout time, in every corner of this world and the next. The heroes and villains of this ancient conflict are many and varied. Some have fought using their superior strength, and some their wit and cunning. Others would triumph with speed, skill, or sheer determination, but they all had one thing in common: they would fight to the death . . .

The Wrath of the Gods

It does not pay to anger the gods If your lucky, you might just end up being transformed into a spider, falling hopelessly in love with your reflection or being hunted by your own hounds. And if you unlucky? Well read on

Tricks and Transformations

You might consider yourself a master of pranks and practical jokes. But throughout time there are those who truly deserve the name trickster read their stories and you will soon discover you have much to learn . . .

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Anthony Horowitz Legends 6 Books Collection Set

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Anthony Horowitz, is a prolific British novelist and screenwriter specialising in mystery and suspense. His work for young adult readers includes The Diamond Brothers series, the Alex Rider series, and The Power of Five series . His work for adults includes the novel and play Mindgame, and two Sherlock Holmes novels The House of Silk and Moriarty. He is the most recent author chosen to write a James Bond novel by the Ian Fleming estate.

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Anthony Horowitz Legends 6 Books Collection set is recommended by Snazal Books Wholesale.

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Anthony Horowitz books are absolute for the mystery lovers! I loved all the characters in the collections.


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