Apley Towers 6 Books Collection Set by Myra King (Books 1-6) Titles in the Set are The Lost Kodas, Made Powerful, Sirens Song, Restless Warrior, Bringing Out the Best, Good Enough. Apley Towers is Pony and horseback riding school, based at the Giant's Throne Mountain, and on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Port St. Christopher; Apley Towers holds wild horses and tamed arabian horses as many other horses from all over the world. It a riding school for girls and boys, young or old, who learn what it means to be a true horse rider and take part in horse racing activities. Apley Towers also holds pony and has a pony club, with little pony and shetland pony to large ponies of all sizes. Apley Towers is heaven for horse and pony fans.
Apley Towers 6 Books Collection Set by Myra King Books 1-6 by Myra King (Author), Subrata Mahajan (Illustrator)
Apley Towers 6 Books Collection Set by Myra King Books 1-6 by Myra King (Author), Subrata Mahajan (Illustrator)
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Apley Towers 6 Books Collection Set by Myra King (Books 1-6)


Apley Towers: The Lost Kodas Book 1

Kaela and Trixie call Apley Towers their Neverland. It's the best place in the world - a place for friendship, laughter and learning. But when both girls take on more responsibilities than they can handle, they have to make some tough choices that take a toll on their friendship.Will they have to sacrifice Apley in the end? It takes a girl on the other side of the world to remind them of what's important and that challenges are there to be overcome.

Apley Towers: Made Powerful Book 2

When a mysterious new rider arrives at Apley, Kaela and Trixie are immediately on the defensive. Not only is she dangerously talented, she insists on wearing expensive sunglasses whilst she rides on her saddle. Who is this Sunglasses-Girl and why does she persist in pointing out Kaela and Trixie's flaws? It's down to Kaela to solve the puzzle of Angela May, and figure out a few things for herself along the way.

Apley Towers: Sirens Song Book 3

Trixie has outgrown her stable horse, Slow-Moe, and realises she has to put the past behind her, and find a new horse to ride. But after a terrifying incident with an advanced horse, she begins to question whether moving on is worth the risk. With a little help from the Kodas, Trixie learns that she must face her fears. But will she find her perfect horse? And if she does, will riding ever be the same for her again?

Apley Towers: No. 4: Restless Warrior

Angela has got herself a secret admirer all thanks to Kaela playing the stable cupid. But for both girls, this has disastrous consequences: Kaela has become too wrapped up in the excitement to see the stressful decisions her friend is facing. Will Kaela's meddling pay off in the end? It's time for Angela to stop trying to please others and start thinking about herself.

Apley Towers: No. 5: Bringing Out the Best

Love is in the air at Apley Towers, and the kodas each have to confront their feelings. Trixie thought she wanted Russell to leave her alone, so why is she so upset when he finally does? Meanwhile, after his recent romantic gesture to Kaela, Bart seems to have vanished off the face of the earth, and Angela is brought face to face with her idol thanks to a magazine interview. What do you do when reality fails to live up to expectation? With each other's support the kodas can work it out!

Apley Towers: No. 6: Good Enough

Angela is forced to face up to her former bully, Gemma Larkin, when she finds out that she's set to compete against Sagittarius Stables in an upcoming competition. With the support of Apley Towers, Angela is desperate to beat Gemma once and for all. But how can Angela prove herself to anyone else, if she can't even convince herself? Luckily, the kodas are there to help her deal with a past she thought she'd left behind.

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Apley Towers 6 Books Collection Set by Myra King Books 1-6

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“The idea behind this story is really original and honestly by the end I was wanting to read them again! These rate highly for me.” – Chantelle, Mammamummymum Blog “Brilliantly satisfying collection of books about the importance of life and friendship.” – Teodora Leon “Apley Towers: The Lost Kodas is a refreshing take on one of my favourite genres and a firm recommendation for pony mad kid.”- booksagogogogogo Blog

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