Battle Champions 3 Books Collection Set Written by Jack Carson. This collection Set includes Titles: Swampland Slam, Canyon Clash, Academy Attack.
Battle Champions 3 Books Collection Set by Jack Carson
Battle Champions 3 Books Collection Set by Jack Carson
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 Battle Champions 3 Books Collection Set


Battle Champions: Swampland Slam
Titch Darwin and his Battle Champion crew are on the championship trail again! This time the fight takes them to deadly swamplands, and the team must work together to fight some of their fiercest opponents yet. Once again, Titch's trusty Mech - Lone Star - must compete in the ultimate test of man and machine. As every fight takes Titch nearer to finding out the truth about his missing father he must rise-up to the challenge and follow in his father's footsteps, fulfilling his destiny to be the ultimate Battle Champion.
Battle Champions: Canyon Clash
Titch Darwin and his Battle Champions team, Martha and Finn, have graduated from the Mech Academy and are finally on the Championship Trail! Titch hopes that following in his missing father's footsteps will help him discover the truth about his disappearance, but first he has to fight his own battles. The first battle round sees the gang overcome their rookie nerves and reach the final, but now they face fighting one of the deadliest mechs of all: Scorpion. Before they can compete, Titch and his trusty Mech, Lone Star, come across a group of school children trapped in a rock fall. Titch knows he has to save them - but if he does, he risks forfeiting his place in the competition. Can he beat the odds and still win?
Battle Champions: Academy Attack
Tommy 'Titch' Darwin enrols at Marshall Johnson's Battle Academy. Training is tough, but Titch is determined to become a battle champion and follow in his father's footsteps. As battle lessons commence, Titch and his fellow students are unaware that baddie Wyatt Thorne is watching. He has two grudges - against Marshall Johnson and Titch (whose father defeated Wyatt on his first attempt to become a mech champion). Can Titch save the Academy from Wyatt and make the grade? Or will he fail at his first attempt to become a mech fighter on the championship trail?

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Battle Champions 3 Books Collection Set

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Jack Carson is a pseudonym for the two writers who have worked collaboratively to create the BATLLE CHAMPIONS series: Matt Whyman is the bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. He is also well known as the agony uncle for Bliss Magazine and BBC Radio 1's live weekly advice show, The Surgery. Michelle Misra has helped create and develop many successful children's fiction series. These include Darcey Bussell's Magic Ballerina and the bestselling Rainbow Magic fiction series. This is her first fiction series under her own name.

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