Beast Quest Series 1 & 2 Collection 12 Books set by Adam Blade. An Incredible Fantasy series ever which will blow our mind with magical adventures.
Beast Quest Series 1 and 2 Collection Adam Blade 12 Books Set Vol 1 to 12 NEW PB by Adam Blade
Beast Quest Series 1 and 2 Collection Adam Blade 12 Books Set Vol 1 to 12 NEW PB by Adam Blade
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Beast Quest Series 12 Books Set (1 to 12)


Beast Quest Ferno (Fire Dragon No. 1)

An evil wizard has enchanted the magical beasts of Avantia - only a true hero can free the beasts and stop them from destroying the land. Is Tom the hero Avantia has been waiting for? Join Tom as he braves Ferno the fire dragon...

Beast Quest Sepron (Sea Serpent No. 2)

Avantia is under threat from its magical Beasts, which have been enchanted by an evil wizard. To save his land and his people, Tom must battle Sepron the Sea Serpent in the depths of the ocean - will he succeed?

Beast Quest Arcta (Mountain Giant No. 3)

Tom must free the magical beasts of Avantia from an evil spell. Armed with a sword and shield from the Wizard Aduro, Tom sets off to face Arcta the mountain giant. Can Tom save his land from destruction?

Beast Quest Tagus (Horse Man No.4)

Avantia needs a hero. Under the spell of an evil wizard, the magical beasts that once protected the land are destroying it. Tagus the horse-man is terrorising the people and animals in the plains - can Tom stop him?

Beast Quest Nanook (Snow Monster No. 5)

The magical Beasts of Avantia are under the power of an evil wizard. Tom journeys to the wilds of the frozen north, searching for Nanook the snow monster.

Beast Quest Epos (Flame Bird No. 6)

An evil wizard is using Avantia's magical Beasts to destroy the land. Epos the Flame Bird is said to be the most terrifying of the Beasts can Tom free her from her enchantment and save Avantia?

Beast Quest Zepha (No. 7)

The Evil Wizard Malvel has stolen the magical suit of golden armour and scattered it throughout Avantia. Tom vows to find the pieces but they are guarded by six terrifying new Beasts! Will Tom survive an underwater battle with Zepha the Monster Squid and collect the first piece of armour? 

Beast Quest Claw (No. 8)

Avantia is under threat from an evil wizard. To save the kingdom, Tom must defeat six terrifying Beasts and collect the pieces of magical golden armour. Join Tom as he journeys into the Dark Jungle to do battle with Claw the Giant Monkey...

Beast Quest Soltra (No. 9)

Tom's quest to collect the golden armour takes him to his home village, which is being terrorised by Soltra the Stone Charmer. Can he defeat the fearsome Beast and free the frightened villagers? Or will he join her victims and be turned to stone himself?

Beast Quest Vipero(No. 10)

The evil wizard Malvel has stolen the golden armour and a fearsome new Beast guards each piece of it. To defeat Malvel and save the kingdom, Tom needs to collect all the pieces. Join Tom as he journeys into the deadly heat of the desert, where he must do battle with Vipero the Snake Man...

Beast Quest Arachnid(No. 11)

In the caves of Avantia lurks Arachnid the King of Spiders. Massive and terrifying, Arachnid preys on the local townspeople and guards a piece of the magical golden armour. Can Tom defeat the Beast and save the kingdom from destruction?

Beast Quest Trillion(No. 12) 

The peace of Avantia has been shattered by a fearsome new Beast Trillion the Three-Headed Lion. If he is to save the kingdom, Tom must defeat Trillion and collect all the pieces of magical golden armour. Will he succeed?

Please Note: The Series of 12 book Set Does NOT Contain Collectors Cards.  Only Single books purchased separately contain Collectors card.

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Beast Quest Series 1 and 2 Collection Adam Blade 12 Books Set Vol 1 to 12 NEW PB

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Beast quest collection are fantastic series which will be loved by those who are fond of magical adventure stories.


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