Beast Quest 6 Books Collection Set by Adam Blade (Series 4) Titles in this set are: Beast Quest Nixa, Beast Quest Equinus, Beast Quest Rashouk, Beast Quest Luna, Beast Quest Blaze and Beast Quest Trillion.
Beast Quest 6 Books Collection Set by Adam Blade (Series 4) by Adam Blade
Beast Quest 6 Books Collection Set by Adam Blade (Series 4) by Adam Blade

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Titles in this set:

1. Beast Quest Nixa (No. 19)112070254212

Taladon the Swift has returned! But to Toms horror, his father is a ghost. To save Taladon, Tom must battle the Ghost Beasts and collect the pieces of the shattered Amulet of Avantia. First is Nixa the Death-Bringer" will her deadly disguises lure Tom to his death?

2. Beast Quest Equinus (No. 20)

Equinus the Spirit Horse crashes through the forests of the Forbidden Land, stealing the life force of other creatures. Tom must dodge the Ghost Beasts flying hooves and take the fragment of Amulet that Equinus guards" or Toms father will remain a ghost for ever...

3. Beast Quest Rashouk (No. 21)

Lurking in the Dead Peaks is Rashouk the Cave Troll. The Ghost Beast smells out his victims fear" and turns them to stone. It will take all of Toms courage to capture Rashouks piece of the Amulet of Avantia, but failure means never seeing his father again...

4. Beast Quest Luna (No. 22)

At night, the Dead Wood comes alive with wild animals made ferocious by the spell of Luna the Moon Wolf. To save his father, Tom must collect the pieces of the Amulet of Avantia" which means battling Lunas murderous magic...

5. Beast Quest Blaze (No. 23)

The volcano at Stonewin is frozen over and the lands are blasted with a deadly cold. This is the work of Blaze the Ice Dragon, sent by wicked Wizard Malvel to thwart Toms quest to save his father. Can he defeat Blaze and win the next piece of Amulet before its too late?

6. Beast Quest Trillion (No. 12)

Wizard Malvels final Beast has reached the doors of King Hugos Palace! Stealth the Ghost Panther lassoes victims with his tails and makes good people bad. To rescue his father, Tom must capture the final piece of Amulet from Stealths collar" before all Avantia is turned to evil!

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Beast Quest 6 Books Collection Set by Adam Blade (Series 4)

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Adam Blade is in his late twenties, and was born in Kent, England. His parents were both history teachers and amateur artists, and Adam grew up surrounded by his father's paintings of historic English battles - which left a lifelong mark on his imagination. He was also fascinated by the ancient sword and shield that hung in his father's office. Adam's father said they were a Blade family heirloom. As a boy, Adam would spend days imagining who could have first owned the sword and shield. Eventually, he created a character - Tom, the bravest boy warrior of them all. The idea for Beast Quest was born. hen Adam grew up and decided that he wanted to be a writer, he was stuck for ideas - until he remembered the old sword and shield, and the imaginary boy he had created when he was young.

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