Beasts Of Olympus Series Collection Lucy Coats 5 Books Set Titles in the Set Centaur school, Hound of hades, Seeds of the Gods Lucy goats, Dragon Healer and Beast keeper.
Beasts Of Olympus Series Collection Lucy Coats 5 Books Set by Lucy Coats
Beasts Of Olympus Series Collection Lucy Coats 5 Books Set by Lucy Coats
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Beasts Of Olympus Series Collection Lucy Coats 5 Books Set 


Centaur school

Chiron the Centaur God has agreed to take Demon under his hooves and teach him what he knows about healing magical beasts. Being an apprentice healer is exciting, but Demon still needs to make sure the Stables are fresh and clean (the faintest whiff of manure and the goddesses will be on the warpath again.)  But with Arnie the grumpy Griffin suffering from feather drop and without his magical medicine box - Chiron has forbidden Demon to ask for its help as a first test of his healing skills - Demon is feeling the pressure. Not helped at all when Athene, Goddess of Wisdom, appears seeking help from Chiron. The world's only Phoenix has gone blind and it has lost its voice too. If it can't see to build its magical nest, and it can't sing the magical songs of renewal (both of which happen only once every hundred years), then the fire demons who the Phoenix guards will escape and burn up earth - and Olympus. Chiron is nowhere to be found, so Demon must drop everything and take a trip with the goddess to the Mountains of Burning Sand

Hound of hades

It's official - Demon is stableboy to the creatures of the gods! Demon is sick. He ate too many honey cakes at the party celebrating his new job as beast keeper to the gods. But the animals still need to be cared for and there is a visitor coming to the stables who may or may not be the goddess Hera. The last time he saw Hera she threatened to turn him into a lump of charcoal. It's just not easy being stableboy to a bunch of demanding and petulant deities. But when the visitor arrives it's not Hera but Hades, and with him he has brought some rather dangerous earth dragons who need meat. Where on Olympus can he find meat? If that task wasn't hard enough, next Hades orders Demon to follow him to the underworld, where his pet dog, Cerberus, is feeling poorly...  Seeds of the Gods Lucy goats 

Dragon Healer

Demon, Official Stableboy to the Gods, faces his toughest challenge yet ...a very gassy dragon! Fresh from his underwater adventures in Poseidon's realm, Demon was looking forward to returning to the Stables of the Gods and catching up with Arnie the Griffin, Doris the Hydra and the other magical beasts. But there's no such thing as an ordinary day up on Olympus. There's the small problem of a runaway princess hiding out in the stables with her poison-spitting flying dragons. And Ares is on the warpath - his Golden Fleece has been stolen from the poorly Colchian Dragon who was supposed to be guarding it. Demon's charged with curing the beast but it's got rather an embarrassing ailment and soon the stables are so stinky the other beasts are overcome by fumes from the windy dragon's bottom. How will Demon clean up THIS mess?

Beast keeper

A boy is reunited with his long-lost father, the Greek god Pan, only to find himself taken to the kingdom of the gods.  What begins as just another ordinary day for Demon ends up being far from normal . . . because travelling on a rainbow to Mount Olympus is a bit odd for anyone, even if your dad is the Greek god Pan! When he arrives, Demon is in for a shock. The stables are full of mythical beasts like the flatulent Cattle of the Sun and a very grumpy Griffin. All Demon's animal husbandry skills, polished on his mother's farm on Earth, are going to be put to a rather exacting test as he tries to sort out the chaos and deal with the upset and concern of the gods. Can the stableboy help the Nemean lion that Heracles has hurt, and avoid incurring Hera's wrath if he can't heal her pet Hydra . . 

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Beasts Of Olympus Series Collection Lucy Coats 5 Books Set

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Lucy Coats is a multigenre author of children's books. Her first picturebook was published in 1991, and in 2004 she was shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Prize for 'Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths'. Her first novel 'Hootcat Hill', was published in 2008 and had excellent reviews. Lucy was born in Hampshire and read English and Ancient History at Edinburgh University, which is where she met her husband, with whom she has two teenage children, both keen readers. Lucy read her first book of Greek myths at the age of seven, and has been hooked on myths of all kinds ever since. Lucy lives in rural Northamptonshire and writes looking out over green fields full of sheep. She has a deskdog called Hero who generally lies between her screen and keyboard and is very good at encouraging Lucy when the writing is going slowly. Lucy has a website at and a blog called Scribble City Central at where she tries to give helpful (if eccentric) advice on the trials and tribulations of a writer's life. It has just been shortlisted for the Author Blog Awards 2010 along with Neil Gaiman and Paulo Coelho's blogs. She also has a Facebook Fan page at and a Twitter page at which she visits strictly during coffee breaks. Lucy's latest 12 book series, Greek Beasts and Monsters were published by Orion Children's Books throughout 2010, and she is currently working on a YA fantasy novel and a series for 7-9 year-olds.

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