Well known for her amazing young adult novels, former Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman is also a very talented author of children's books and this collection will introduce readers aged 7 and over to the popular characters Betsey Biggalow and Girl Wonder. Betsey is a very likeable character who proves you don't have to be big to have big ideas. Through the books, she has a birthday party, plots big trouble with her twin brothers Anthony and Edward and puts on her very own magic show. Heart-warming stories designed especially to build reading confidence in new readers, they all have a delightful Caribbean touch and lively plots that we know they'll just love.
Betsey & Girl Wonder Collection Malorie Blackman 6 Books Set by Malorie Blackman
Betsey & Girl Wonder Collection Malorie Blackman 6 Books Set by Malorie Blackman
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Betsey & Girl Wonder Collection Malorie Blackman 6 Books Set


Hurricane Betsey

'A hurricane is coming! A hurricane is coming When Betsey finds out there's a hurricane headed for the island, she's so excited - she can't stop whirling and twirling about! She's better watch where she's going or she'll make more botheration than the storm outside!

Betsey's Birthday Surprise

'Elizabeth Ruby Biggalow, I ... I ...For once Gran'ma Liz was lost for words It's Betsey's birthday! But where are all her cards and presents? And where is that cake? Botheration! Has everyone forgotten? Betsey decides to make a birthday treat for herself but she's in for a surprise...

Magic Betsey

'Magic Betsey! Magic Betsey! Do your magic! Show us! Let's see Betsey's putting on her very first magic show! But being a magician is more botheration than she thought, and soon she's told to put the illusions away. Betsey's got one last trick up her sleeve, and this time it really is magic!

Girl Wonder to the Rescue

'We're being burgled, so this is definitely a job for Girl Wonder...'And the Terrific Twins?' Anthony whispered. 'Isn't this more a job for the police?' When Maxine, also known as Girl Wonder, hears a burglar one night, she knows she can catch him with the help of her brothers, the Terrific Twins. But things aren't always what they seem, and soon the superhero siblings are in seriously serious trouble!

Girl Wonder's Winter Adventures

'I think this is a job for Girl Wonder...'And the Terrific Twins. Yippee!' the twins shouted. And we spun around until we were gleefully griddy. Whenever Maxine has a brilliant idea, she and her brothers transform into Girl Wonder and the Terrific Twins! But whether it's sneaking a peek at the Christmas presents or making it snow inside the house, things never go to plan, and then it's not evil masterminds these superheroes have to worry about... It's their mum!

Girl Wonder and the Terrific Twins

'This is a job for Girl Wonder and...The Terrific Twins!' Anthony and Edward grinned. Then we spun around until we were dizzy. Maxine is girl wonder and her twin brothers, Anthony and Edward, are the Terrific Twins! From convincing Mum to get a pet, to saving energy, there's no problem this trio won't tackle. But being a superhero is hard work, and when Maxine's super-duper plans go awry, Mum is not impressed!

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Betsey & Girl Wonder Collection Malorie Blackman 6 Books Set

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Malorie Blackman is acknowledged as one of today's most imaginative and convincing writers for young readers. The novels in her Noughts & Crosses sequence have won several awards, including the FCBG Red House Children's Book Award, and she has won many other awards for her books. Both Hacker and Thief! won the Young Telegraph/Gimme 5 Award - Malorie is the only author to have won this award twice - while Hacker also won the WH Smith Mind-Boggling Books Award in 1994. Her books for teens include Boys Don't Cry and Noble Conflict. Her work has appeared on screen, with Pig-Heart Boy, which was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, being adapted into a BAFTA-winning TV serial. Malorie has also written a number of titles for younger readers including Cloud Busting, which won the Smarties Silver Award, The Monster Crisp Guzzler, Robot Girl, Snow Dog and Whizziwig. In 2005, Malorie was honoured with the Eleanor Farjeon Award in recognition of her distinguished contribution to the world of children's books. In 2008, she was then honoured with an OBE for her services to Children's Literature. Malorie Blackman was the UK Children's Laureate 2013-2015.

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