Titles in the Set :

  • The Bigfoot Mystery
  • A Tall Tale
  • Detective Adventure
  • Holiday in Japan
  • The Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Land of Letters
  • Magic Tricks
  • May Morning
  • Two Left Feet
  • The Time Capsule
  • Ship in Trouble
  • Roman Adventure
  • The Portrait Problem
  • Paris Adventure
  • On the Stage
  • The New Year Race
Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 4 Read with Oxford: 5+: 16 Books Collection Set by Various
Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 4 Read with Oxford: 5+: 16 Books Collection Set by Various

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Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 4 Read with Oxford: 5+: 16 Books Collection Set

Titles in the Set :

1. The Bigfoot Mystery
2. A Tall Tale
3. Detective Adventure
4. Holiday in Japan
5. The Jigsaw Puzzle
6. Land of Letters
7. Magic Tricks
8. May Morning
9. Two Left Feet
10. The Time Capsule
11. Ship in Trouble
12. Roman Adventure
13. The Portrait Problem
14. Paris Adventure
15. On the Stage
16. The New Year Race

Description :

The Bigfoot Mystery

The magic key takes the children to a forest. What mystery animal do they meet?

A Tall Tale

Uncle Max tells lots of tall tales. Will he enjoy a real adventure?

Detective Adventure

Who will solve the crime? Sherlock Homes or Anneena?

Holiday in Japan

Thanks to Gran, the children have a wonderful holiday!

The Jigsaw Puzzle

What happens when the children’s jigsaw puzzle takes them into the past?

Land of Letters

The magic key takes the children to a world with letters everywhere!

Magic Tricks

Can Wilf fool a magician with his magic trick?

May Morning

What might spoil the maypole dance? Can Mrs May save the day?

Two Left Feet

Mum gets a surprise when Dad learns to dance! 

The Time Capsule

What will the children put in their time capsule?

Ship in Trouble

Can the children help rescue the crew of a ship in trouble?

Roman Adventure

What happens when the children go on a Roman adventure?

The Portrait Problem

The artist Botticelli has a problem. Can the children solve it?

Paris Adventure

The magic key takes the children to Paris. Why can’t they find the Eiffel Tower?

On The Stage

A show about the Wild West leads to an adventure on a stagecoach!

A New Year Race

Which animal will win the race in Grandpa Chen’s story?

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Biff, Chip and Kipper Stage 4 Read with Oxford: 5+: 16 Books Collection Set

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