Confident Reading at Home 6 books, 3 fiction & 3 non-fiction in a slip case that will help your child learn to read, enhance children's reading skills.
Big Cat Reading Lions Level 4 Confident Reading at Home 6 Books Collection Box Set by Collins UK
Big Cat Reading Lions Level 4 Confident Reading at Home 6 Books Collection Box Set by Collins UK
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Big Cat Reading Lions Level 4: Confident Reading at Home 6 Books Collection Box Set - Collins Big Cat Reading Lions


Collins Big Cat Reading Lions help you to support your childs reading development at home. For children aged 4-11, each book has been created by leading childrens authors and illustrators, and carefully levelled by educational experts, meaning you can enjoy reading with your child at every stage in their reading journey.
  • Works alongside any reading scheme used by your childs school
  • Features talking points at the end of each book to extend your childs understanding
  • Includes an equal mix of high quality fiction and non-fiction at each level

Phonics Level 1: 
First Reading
Decoding simple, short sentences, practising  limited, specific phenemes, with very few tricky words
Phonics Level 2: Practise Reading Applying decoding skills on longer sentences with new phonemes, direct speech with more tricky words
Phonics Level 3: Support Reading Reading with adult support, longer, less illustrated texts, with pargraphs, literacy lanuage and  distinctive characterisation 
Phonics Level 4: Confident Reading Reading to an adultl texts with complex sentences including subordinate clauses and figurative lanugage
Phonics Level 5: Independent Reading Reading independently, longer texts, with more complex themes and characteristation
Phonics Level 6: Practise Reading Reading freely and without difficulty, complex chapter books and non-fiction texts 

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Big Cat Reading Lions Level 4 Confident Reading at Home 6 Books Collection Box Set

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Snazal Wholesale highly recommends this imperative collection to children.

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Lovely present for children to help them to learn also to develop their essential reading skills.


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