Breaking Clays is a comprehensive and practical book that presents in-depth advice and instruction for shooters of all disciplines. Beginning with the basics and advancing to proven tournament techniques, this book is packed with invaluable tips on how to break more clay in your chosen game.
Breaking Clays - Target Tactics Tips and Techniques by Chris Batha
Breaking Clays - Target Tactics Tips and Techniques by Chris Batha

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Breaking Clays: Target Tactics, Tips and Techniques


Well laid out and easy to follow, this bestselling clay pigeon shooting book covers everything you need to know about the sport

Clay target shooting is one of the fastest growing recreational sports. When compared to games of golf or tennis, it is relatively easy to learn the basics in a short period of time, so even a beginner is able to quickly take part in competitions and club events. Participants can be anywhere from 10 to 90 years of age and ladies can compete on a level playing field in a sport where strength has little impact on performance. With the exception of a suitable gun, the ancillary equipment and accessories required are not prohibitively expensive and all these factors combined contribute greatly to the increasingly popularity of shooting sports. 

Breaking Clays is packed with invaluable top tips on how to break more clay in your chosen game. Having worked alongside some of the top competitors and shooting coaches in the world today, Chris Batha recognises that while every top shot has his own approach to shooting and teaching, what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. So, this book offers a distillation of the best top and techniques that enable you to improve our scores and knowledge to develop from the history of clay target games to safety, diagrams of the shotgun, targets, chokes, equipment, accessories, the fundamentals of shooting straight and more.

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Breaking Clays - Target Tactics Tips and Techniques

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