Beast Quest Series 3 The Dark Realm 6 Books by Adam Blade. Story narrates about Tom survive a journey into the Dark Realm to free the good Beasts of Avantia.
Beast Quest Box Set Series 3 The Dark Realm 6 Books Collection Set Books 13 to 18 by Adam Blade
Beast Quest Box Set Series 3 The Dark Realm 6 Books Collection Set Books 13 to 18 by Adam Blade
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Titles in this set

1. Torgor The Minotaur (No. 13)

The good Beasts of Avantia are in danger. They have been captured by six terrible new Beasts and taken to Gorgonia, kingdom of the evil wizard Malvel. To free the beasts, Tom journeys into the sinister Dark Realm, where he must first face Torgor the Minotaur...

2. Skor The Winged Stallion (No. 14)

The Dark Wizard has sent six fearsome Beasts to capture the good beasts of Avantia. They are imprisoned in the Dark Realm, and it is Tom's quest to save them. He and his companions must undertake a perilous journey and defeat Skor the Winged Stallion.

3. Narga The Sea Monster (No. 15)

In the perilous Black Ocean lurks Narga the Sea Monster. As well as preying on the rebels fighting evil wizard Malvel, Narga is holding one of the good Beasts of Avantia captive. Can Tom set the good Beast free, or will it remain trapped in the Dark Realm for ever?

4. Kaymon The Gorgon Hound (No. 16)

In a ruined castle in the Dark Realm prowls Kaymon the Gorgon Hound. Kaymon is one of six fearsome Beasts unleashed by a wicked wizard to capture the good Beasts of Avantia. Join Tom on his quest to save the good Beasts and avoid being captured himself...

5. Tusk The Mighty Mammoth (No. 17)

Tusk the Mighty Mammoth rules the rotting forests of Gorgonia. She terrorizes the rebels at war with evil wizard Malvel and holds a good Beast captive. All the good Beasts are imprisoned and Tom must save them. Will he defeat Tusk before Malvel's guards track him down?

6. Sting The Scorpion Man (No. 18)

The good Beasts of Avantia are imprisoned in the kingdom of Malvel, an evil wizard. Each is guarded by a terrible new Beast. Tom's quest to free the good Beasts takes him to the tunnels under Malvel's castle, where Sting the Scorpion Man is waiting.

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Beast Quest Box Set Series 3 The Dark Realm 6 Books Collection Set Books 13 to 18

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Adam Blade is in his late twenties, and was born in Kent, England. His parents were both history teachers and amateur artists, and Adam grew up surrounded by his father's paintings of historic English battles - which left a lifelong mark on his imagination. He was also fascinated by the ancient sword and shield that hung in his father's office. Adam's father said they were a Blade family heirloom. As a boy, Adam would spend days imagining who could have first owned the sword and shield. Eventually, he created a character - Tom, the bravest boy warrior of them all. The idea for Beast Quest was born. hen Adam grew up and decided that he wanted to be a writer, he was stuck for ideas - until he remembered the old sword and shield, and the imaginary boy he had created when he was young.

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Beast Quest is like a great books set, This series has to be the best one yet, all the books are fantastic to read want to read all the series again and again.


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