Catherine King Collection 4 Books Set. Titles contain in this fantastic set are: Orphan Child, A Mothers Sacrifice, Without a Mother's Love and Women of Iron.
Catherine King 4 Books Collection Set Women of Iron, Without Mother's Love Sacrifice by Catherine King
Catherine King 4 Books Collection Set Women of Iron, Without Mother's Love Sacrifice by Catherine King
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Catherine King 4 Books Collection Set


Orphan Child

Little Sarah is found in the snow: an orphaned new-born baby. She is taken in at Meadow Hall in South Riding, Yorkshire, to be trained as a scullery maid. Feisty and headstrong, at fourteen Sarah decides to run away. Dressed as a boy, she meets good-hearted Aidan and impulsive Danby, forming an unlikely but happy trio. When Sarah is found out, Aidan knows she can not live with two young men and reluctantly takes her to the workhouse. He plans to rescue Sarah just as soon as he can, but something keeps Aidan from his promise . . . Reunited as adults, but now strangers, Sarah holds a secret about Danby, Aidan and her unborn child. But can she do what is right for her baby, even if it means losing the love of her life?

A Mothers Sacrifice

Destitute. Quinta Haig is struggling to make ends meet at Top Field with her ailing mother, Laura. Their small Yorkshire farm is run-down and isolated and when the only way to take their goods to market is lost, Quinta is prepared to sacrifice almost anything for both of them to survive. Desired. Noah Bilton, a wealthy neighbour, has designs on Top Field as well as ideas for the future of Laura and her daughter. He offers an uneasy solution to keep them out of the workhouse, but Laura Haig will have nothing to do with it, or him. When strangers appear at Top Field looking for shelter, Quinta's hopes are renewed - but Noah is resolved to take what he wants by fair means or foul. Deserted. Quinta finds love against all odds, but is deserted at her most vulnerable. The hardships that follow give her a steely determination to seek retribution from the man who has wronged her - but can revenge ever bring back her happiness?

Without a Mother's Love

Set in nineteenth-century Yorkshire, Without a Mother's Love is another hard-hitting, gritty page-turner from the author of Women of Iron and Silk and Steel

Women of Iron

The grit of Meg Hutchinson, the sweep and scope of Barbara Taylor Bradford - a first class saga.

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Catherine King 4 Books Collection Set Women of Iron, Without Mother's Love Sacrifice

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Catherine Fiona King, is an Australian politician, and was the Minister for Regional Australia, Local Government and Territories from July to September 2013. She is a member of the Australian House of Representatives since November 2001, representing the Division of Ballarat, Victoria for the Australian Labor Party.

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This book is awesome, and i got inspired by this book very much and i suggest you to read this boook.

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