Child 44 Trilogy Collection 3 books by Tom Rob Smith. Titles contain in this series are: The Secret Speech, Child 44 and Agent 6.
Child 44 Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set Tom Rob Smith Secret Speech, Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith
Child 44 Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set Tom Rob Smith Secret Speech, Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith
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Tom Rob Smith 3 Books Collection Pack Set 


Agent 6

Moscow, 1965. Former Secret Service agent Leo Demidov is forbidden to travel with his wife and daughters to New York as part of a 'Peace Tour', meant to foster better relations between the two Cold War enemies. Leo's natural paranoia reaches its peak: Why have his family been selected? What is being planned? When Leo's worst fears are realised and a tragic murder destroys everything he loves, he demands only one thing: that he is allowed to investigate and find the killer who has struck at the heart of his family. Crippled by grief, his request denied, Leo sees no other option than to take matters into his own hands, thousands of miles from the crime scene. In a surprising, thrilling story that spans decades and continents - from the backstreets of 1960s New York to the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980s - Leo will stop at nothing as he hunts the one person who knows the truth: Agent 6.

Child 44

Child 44 is a thriller set in the terror of 1950s Stalinist Russia, a brutal regime that executed anyone who disagreed with its dogma. It proclaimed to be a perfect society. So, when a series of brutal murders take place, no one is permitted to say that these are the work of a serial killer. In a perfect society there can be no crime. 

The Secret Speech

'TOM ROB SMITH, 30 His first novel, Child 44, appeared on last year's Booker longlist. Worked his magic again with The Secret Speech this year' LONDON'S BEST YOUNG WRITER'S, Evening Standard 30/4 'An epic journey across the blasted Siberian landscape to the dreaded Gulag 57. As with Child 44, Smith's historiography is exact and his early career as a scriptwriter shows in his feel for the necessary rhythms of plot. The feints, bluggs and reveals keep it all rattling along' The Herald, 25/4 'The follow-up to smash-hit Child 44 is also set in post-war Russia and follows investigator Leo Demidov from that book as he attempts to protect his family from someone with a grudge against him.

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Child 44 Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set Tom Rob Smith Secret Speech, Agent 6

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Tom Rob Smith is an English writer.The son of a Swedish mother and an English father, Smith was born and raised in London. He studied at St John's College, Cambridge. Following his graduation in 2001, he received the Harper Wood Studentship for English Poetry and Literature and continued his Creative Writing studies for a year at Parvin University in Italy.After completing his studies, Smith worked as a writer and a script editor, including a stint story-lining Cambodia's first soap opera in Phnom Penh with the BBC.

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Child 44 Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set by Tom Rob Smith, Snazal Wholesale books recommended this collection.

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I browse of Tom Rob Smith, and that i enjoyed the means he handle the characters feelings. a straightforward however realistic means of showing the reader their temperament. terribly special.


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