Children's Christmas 7 book is an unforgettable heart warming Stories of Friendship, Kindness that will Captivate the imagination of Young Readers with Sparkling Finish Throughout.
Children's Christmas 7 Books Collection Gift Set Pack by Various
Children's Christmas 7 Books Collection Gift Set Pack by Various
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Children's Christmas 7 Books Collection Gift Set Pack 


The Magical Snowman

Little Rabbit has made a wonderful snowman and doesn't want to leave him. When he gets lost in the snow, a soft light sparkles through the trees and a very special friend appears to take him on a magical journey home.

The Smiley Snowman

When Little Bear, Small Fox and Fluffy Bunny build a huge, smiley snowman, they have so much fun! But the next morning, their snowman looks all shivery and his happy smile has gone! What can they do?

The Snow Angel

Two little mice are playing in the snow one Christmas morning when they see an angel. Soaring through the sky, with sunshine gleaming on its wings, it is magical. But as they watch, the angel flutters and tumbles to the ground. Is there anything the mice can do to save the lost and lonely angel before it is too late?

The Christmas Angels

It's Christmas and high above us the angels send their blessings for peace, laughter and love.

Where Snowflakes Fall

Capturing the beauty of the rare animals that live on the ice and snow, 'Where Snowflakes Fall' explores the majestic beauty of the polar regions.

The Best Christmas Ever!

Christmas is only a day away, and Millicent Mouse has scrubbed and dusted and baked, until everything is perfect! But when Millicent's friends need help, her plans go topsy-turvy! How will she have her perfect Christmas now?

When Will It Snow ?

"Winter is coming," Mother Bear said. "We must snuggle down to sleep in our den. "Little Bear doesn't want to sleep! He wants to know what snow is like. His friends try to show him by making mud-balls and angels in the sand. But Little Bear knows that while he's asleep his friends will have fun in the soft, white snow. Will they forget about him?

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Children's Christmas 7 Books Collection Gift Set Pack

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A surprise gift set for my baby for Christmas and she loves it very much...


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