The Diamond Brothers 7 Books by Anthony Horowitz. It is an humorous children's series enchants the adventures of an clumsy detective & his brother.
Diamond Brothers 7 Books Collection by Anthony Horowitz
Diamond Brothers 7 Books Collection by Anthony Horowitz
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Titles in this collection:

The French Confection

The hard-up Diamond Brothers win a weekend for two in Paris, but as soon as they arrive, they find themselves in danger. There's a nasty smell in the air and it's not the cheese. If Nick and Tim aren't careful, their dream holiday could end up being a nightmare from which they'll never wake up.

The Blurred Man

Lenny Smile has been run over by a steamroller. He used to run a children's charity called Dream Time, financed by millionaire Joe Carter. Now Carter wants to know what happened to Smile... and to his money. Unfortunately, he's hired the Diamond Brothers - the world's worst private detectives - to solve the mystery!

I Know What You Did Last Wednesday

When the Diamond Brothers receive an invitation to a school reunion on a remote Scottish island, things seem to be looking up. But Nick's got a bad feeling, and it's not indigestion. And when he meets their fellow guests, the feeling only gets worse - especially when they start dying in ever more bizarre ways.

The Greek Who Stole Christmas

Once again, Tim Diamond and his younger brother Nick are flat broke. So when they're hired to investigate an anonymous death threat made to world-famous pop singer and movie actress Minerva, they jump at the chance. However, the Greek celebrity seems to have plenty of enemies - so the question is, which one actually wants her dead? Meanwhile, Tim needs to resist Minerva's amorous advances and focus in the matter in hand...

The Diamond Brothers in Public Enemy Number Two

Wisecracking young Nick Diamond finds himself sharing a prison cell with Johnny Powers, Public Enemy No.1. His only chance of rescuing the situation is to nail master criminal the Fence. But first, Nick has to get out of jail

The Diamond Brothers in South by South East

Tim is broke. So when a mysterious stranger offers him a wad of money for his overcoat, it seems like a stroke of good fortune. But there are worse things than being broke. Being shot, for one which is what happens to the stranger, and could soon be the fate of the Diamond Brothers

The Diamond Brothers in The Falcon's Malteser

When a dwarf comes into the office and leaves a package, Tim Diamond, the world's worst private-detective, is faced with his toughest case yet. The office is ransacked and the package is found to contain simply a box of Maltesers. Who was the dwarf  and why was he murdered shortly after his visit?

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Diamond Brothers 7 Books Collection

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Anthony Horowitz is a prolific English novelist and screenwriter specialising in mystery and suspense. His work for children and teenagers includes The Diamond Brothers series, the Alex Rider series, and The Power of Five series.

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Diamond Brothers 7 Books Collection is recommended by Snazal Wholesale Books.

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Anthony Horowitz is very intelligent and One of the most fascinating books I've ever read!


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