Enid Blyton presents the Adventure Series 8 book collection. Join Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack as they go on all sorts of thrilling adventures, including River, Circus, Ship and many more. This is a fantastic collection for kids aged 9+.

Titles in this set:

  1. The Ship of Adventure 
  2. The Sea of Adventure 
  3. The Castle of Adventure 
  4. The River of Adventure 
  5. The Valley of Adventure 
  6. The Island of Adventure 
  7. The Mountain of Adventure 
  8. The Circus of Adventure
Enid Blyton Adventure series 8 Books Box Set Collection Classic by Enid Blyton
Enid Blyton Adventure series 8 Books Box Set Collection Classic by Enid Blyton

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Enid Blyton Adventure series 8 Books Box Set

The Ship of Adventure

An amazing voyage around the beautiful Greek islands becomes an exciting quest to find the lost treasure of the Andra! Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are plunged into a search for hidden riches - with some ruthless villains hot on their trail! Will they find the treasure before it's too late?

The Sea of Adventure

A mysterious trip to the desolate Northern Isles soon turns into a terrifying adventure when Bill is kidnapped! Marooned far from the mainland on a deserted coast,Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack find themselves playing a dangerous game with an unknown enemy. Will they escape with Bill and their lives?

The Castle of Adventure

Why is everyone so afraid of the castle on the hill, and what dark secrets lurk inside its walls? When flashing lights are seen in a distant tower,Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack decide to investigate - and discover a very sinister plot concealed within its hidden rooms and gloomy underground passages.

The River of Adventure

A river cruise through ancient desert lands becomes a mysterious adventure when Bill disappears! While Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are desperately searching for Bill, they become trapped beneath a forgotten temple where no one has set foot for 7,000 years. What dangers lurk within, and will they ever escape?

The Valley of Adventure

Who are the two strange pilots, and what is the secret treasure hidden in the lonely valley where the children land? Nothing could be more exciting than a daring night flight on Bill's plane! But Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack soon find themselves flying straight into a truly amazing adventure.

The Island of Adventure

Something very sinister is happening on the mysterious Isle of Gloom and the children are determined to uncover the truth! But Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are not prepared for the dangerous adventure that awaits them in the abandoned copper mines and secret tunnels beneath the sea.

The Mountain of Adventure

Surely a peaceful holiday in the Welsh mountains will keep the children out of trouble! But the mystery of a rumbling mountain soon has them thirsty for more adventure. Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are determined to explore the mountain and uncover its secret, but first they must escape from a pack of ravenous wolves and a mad genius who plans to rule the world!

The Circus of Adventure

Why did Bill have to bring the babyish Gustavus with them on holiday? Jack knows he'll only be trouble... But when Gustavus is kidnapped, along with Philip, Dinah and Lucy-Ann, Jack bravely sets out to rescue them, leading him to a faraway land and the discovery of a plot to kill the King!

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Enid Blyton Adventure series 8 Books Box Set Collection Classic

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