Enid Blyton The Naughtiest Girl (Series 1 to 10) 10 books collection set new book cover. Story of a progressive boarding school rather than a traditional one, with lots of interesting stories.
Enid Blyton The Naughtiest Girl 10 Books Collection Box Set (Series 1 to 10) by Enid Blyton
Enid Blyton The Naughtiest Girl 10 Books Collection Box Set (Series 1 to 10) by Enid Blyton
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Enid Blyton Naughtiest Girl (Series 1 to 10) 10 Books Collection Box Set


Naughtiest Girl in the School

Elizabeth Allen is spoilt and selfish. When's she's sent away to boarding school she makes up her mind to be the naughtiest pupil there's ever been! But Elizabeth soon finds out that being bad isn't as simple as it seems ...

Naughtiest Girl Again

The naughtiest girl in the school is back! And this term she's trying to be good. But someone wants to spoil things for her. And they're not going to let her forget how she got her nickname!

Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor

When Elizabeth Allen is chosen to be a school monitor, she's delighted. But she soon finds out just what a responsible job it is. The harder she tries, the worse she behaves! Will the naughtiest girl in the school EVER learn to be good?

Here's The Naughtiest Girl

There's a new boy in Elizabeth's class. He's sulky and grumpy and he'll do anything to show Elizabeth up. She means to keep her temper, but it's not so easy for someone who was once the naughtiest girl in the school ...

Naughtiest Girl Keeps A Secret

Elizabeth intends never to be naughty again. But when John entrusts her with his secret, the naughtiest girl finds herself in deeper trouble than ever ...

Naughtiest Girl Helps A Friend

How can the naughtiest girl be good at camp with horrible Arabella in the very same tent? Especially when she's busy stirring up trouble for Elizabeth's best friend, Joan ...

Naughtiest Girl Saves The Day

When some school strawberry plants are vandalised, a lost shoe buckle at the scene of the crime leads straight to the Naughtiest Girl. It is hers, but how did it get there - and why would anyone want to pin the blame on Elizabeth?

Well Done Naughtiest Girl

Elizabeth is desperate to play the piano in the end of school concert. But only one girl can be chosen and her rival Arabella is practising hard! Elizabeth knows Arabella is very good and might well be picked to play on the day - so, ignoring her looming exams, she spends every waking minute practicing.

Naughtiest Girl Wants To Win

Elizabeth is furious when a girl new to the sixth form becomes head girl over the obvious choice, her friend Emma. The new head girl, Kerry, is a young actress, and Elizabeth is convinced that all the seniors have been swayed by her acting skills, both on screen and at school.

Naughtiest Girl Marches On

Elizabeth is oerjoyed to be appointed monitor again, especially when the new head-boy and girl have such exciting ideas. But one of the second form boys is slowly turning all the other boys against her, starting with a nasty note in her desk and ending with a false tip-off about a midnight pillow fight in the boys' dormitory.


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Enid Blyton The Naughtiest Girl 10 Books Collection Box Set (Series 1 to 10)

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