Common Questions

General Questions

How can I contact you?

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The most convenient way to contact us is by email. This is the fastest way of communication as it identifies exactly what outcome you are looking for, with out any confrontation.

We are also very happy to receive your feedback and suggestions. All emails are personally read and replied to by our Customer Service staff. Please send your emails to pcsbooks@gmail.com.

What is our shipping rates?

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Please see our shipping and handling rates by visiting the following webpage: Shipping Info.

What payment types do you accept?

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In order to get customer assurance, we only now take payment with Paypal only.  With Paypal all major credit cards and debit cards. These include: VISA, MasterCard, VISA Debit, VISA Delta, Maestro, Electron and SOLO are accepted.  Our PayPal address is sales@pcsbooks.com - For our trade customers we allow payment to be made in UK cheques, and offer Bank transfer facilities. For some schools / colleges and local authorities, we allow 30 day credit facilities.

Our books are priced in Multi currencies. Our main head office is based in the UK, so our preferred currency is Pound Sterling. However, we understand we live in a global world and our customers like to see their currency displayed on our website.

Therefore, we support the following curries on our website: Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars and Indian Rupees - there is a select currency drop down menu at the top right of the homepage to change the currency display into the one most appropriate for you.

When will my order arrive?

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The first place to check is the Order Tracking page on the site this enables you to see the status of your order even if you don't have an account with us. All you need is your order number and your postcode.

If you have an account, you are able to track all of your orders online by logging into "My Account" and "My order history" page. However you do need to have an account with us to do this, you can set up an account here.

Our delivery times are based on the number of working days (Monday - Friday) you should expect to receive your delivery within a reasonable time period. Delivery times may vary for each item even if they are ordered at the same time. For more information please see our Dispatch page.

You should always check the availability as shown on the Product Details page. You will receive more information about the estimated delivery time in the automatic order confirmation email sent after your order has been placed.

If your order is overdue and your order tracking account does not state that the order has been dispatched, please contact our Customer Services Department by emailing us at pcsbooks@gmail.com

If it does show as dispatched and hasn't turned arrived in the expected time, please check with your local delivery office before contacting us with the details.

We use Royal Mail as the carrier for orders and they suggest that the following timelines are an approximate guide to how long you should expect for your books to reach you:

  • Standard Delivery United Kingdom 2-15 Working Days
  • Standard Delivery Western Europe 3-15 Working Days
  • Standard Delivery US & Canada 7-15 Working Days
  • Standard Delivery Other 14-21 Working Days


We use Royal Mail for our dispatches in the UK and Royal Mail Priority Airmail for International shipments. With our experience we can tell you they provide the best service worldwide.

Which countries do you deliver to?

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We deliver, anywhere in the world. Please see our rates here.

Can you offer a specific day for when delivery will be made?

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Sadly not, the majority of deliveries are handled by Royal mail which is UKs best domestic postal services. As a result we cannot offer a definitive time or date for when deliveries will be made. However please visit Track-Order - We keep you posted on progress from your order.

Are items dispatched together, or in separate packages?

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We find it more efficient to dispatch items separately. As we receive items from a number of different suppliers, who will invariably deliver items at different times of the day, and sometime, on different days entirely, we dispatch items as soon as they arrive, as opposed to delaying an order whilst we wait for an order to arrive in its entirety.

Can you provide tracking numbers for packages?

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All items can be tracked via our website up to dispatch point. However make items more cost effective, we use Royal mail. Therefore majority of orders will not be track able once they have been dispatched to customers. However, high value books will be dispatched through courier services, and these can be tracked.

I have received my order and wish to return an item - how do I
go about this?

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Please return the title to us at the following address:
Returns Department
PCS Books Ltd
Unit 5, Vulcan House
Vulcan Road
United Kingdom

To help us process your return more efficiently, please enclose the packing slip that accompanied the book as this contains all the information we need to process your return.

Please include a brief note on the packing requesting a refund and the reason for your return. We are unable to reimburse customers for expenses incurred returning titles to us unless the product is defective or not as advertised.

If either of these applies, please contact us prior to returning the goods to us.

The price of my pre-ordered book has dropped; can I receive
a refund for the difference?

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Sadly we are unable to offer retrospective refunds once an order has been placed and the sale price agreed between ourselves and the customer. However, pre-orders can be cancelled as long as they have not yet been dispatched to customers.

Can I place my order across the telephone?

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We can only process orders placed through the website. This policy ensures that we can accept your orders quickly and that your details are kept secure throughout the ordering process.

Customer Service Help

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We're committed to giving our trade and general customers the best possible experience of buying books online; we have 2.2 million titles for you to choose from.

Our FAQs summaries the answers to some of the most common questions we receive, however we're always happy to hear from customers, you can contact us directly via email at pcsbooks@gmail.com.

Search and finding a book

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We've spent a lot of time on our new search engine and really hope it will help you search for, refine, and find the title you want more clearly. We have added the ability to browse to categories and then search within the sub categories as explained below.

Categories: Did you know there are over 10,000 searchable categories to choose from using the category menu? - The website provides several ways for you to find the item you need. Apart from the main search option, which you can find at the top left of the screen; you can also browse through our subject catalogue, which provides a convenient way to find books of interest even if you do not know the title or author you are looking for.

Publisher / Distributors: Did you know we have searchable Mini Stores, with in snazal.com - For example if you like a certain publisher e.g. Wiley's books series you can visit the Wiley distribution store and you will only find Wiley books displayed.

Authors: We have a Bestselling author's area for you to pick out new books from specific authors. If you like to read fiction books in particular, by specific top authors that you know of, you can now just click on the authors picture to see all the books that the authors has published. This is a true time saving technique developed by snazal.

Quick view: In the details page of each book, did you know you can select author and publishers quick view button. All the authors books will appear or all the publisher books will appear.

When you find a book that you are interested in you can add it to your basket if you want to order it. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is unique to each book, and the edition of that book. The ISBN has traditionally been made up of 10 numbers - inputting a number in this format should return just one result.

Please keep in mind that new editions of a title will have new ISBNs, so checking on the author or title is also often worthwhile. The ISBN has changed to a 13 digit number in order to accommodate the number of titles being published, so don't be surprised if you start seeing numbers beginning with 978.

Why trust Snazal.com?

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TOP 10 ANTI-SCAM Unique Skill for Online Shopping

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the network scam becomes more and more rampant. How can you trust a good company from a Bad company when dealing with online merchants?

According to the reports, phishing caused losses from 173 million pounds in 2008 rose to 366 million pounds in 2009. Since the start of snazal, we have struggle with a variety of scams, accumulated rich experience in scam prevention. This document was written to show you, that you can trust snazal.com as a professional website but also its companies integrity. This document will help you understand how to avoid and protect yourself from fraud scammers, who try and cheat people out of money. Please read and understand this document.

1. Check Domain register information
As you know, great company always exist a long time periods, an old website is more secure than new. How can you tell a website is new or old? By clicking on the following link, you can get the site domain register information: http://whois.domaintools.com/, including register time, registers name and business address. A scam will provide incomplete or false information and the site they register must be not long. Therefore, the longer the site was registered with more detailed register information, the higher credibility the site has. Snazal.com information can be found here.

2. Check whether they have business in authoritative third-party trading platform
In general, a good merchant will use authoritative third party trading platform selling products; this is a symbol of strength. Common third-party trading platform have Alibaba, eBay, Amazons, etc... These third-party trading platform are transparent and fair, especially the credibility of their evaluation system is perfect. You can obtain more objective information from them. For example, search business name Alibaba from Google, and you can confirm whether this site registered and its level.

Snazal – Has Registered with Alibaba.com – Please see Alibaba.com website here. – Please note Snazal is the trading name for PCS Books Ltd.

Snazal – Has Registered with eBay.co.uk – Please Note snazal has had over 100,000 independent feed, with 99.4% positive feedback on eBay.co.uk making snazal a true power selling company. To view eBay feedback please visit it here.

Snazal – Has Registered with CQOUT.Com – It trades as Justabookshop on this platform. Please also note it has high positive feedback on this platform. To view CQOUT feed please click here.

3. Check whether they pass the third-party network security certification
McAfee and VeriSign are the world's most authoritative network security certification with strictly business identity confirm system, they frequently scan site, to ensure security of the site free of Trojan, viruses and other threats. Don't choose a site without such certification logo. (Note: Many sites, just hang a symbol, not been authenticated, you should be especially careful.)

Snazal has been Verisign checked via alibaba.com – To see confirmation, please click here.

4. Check whether exist price trap
When finding a product incredible far below market price, they will produce the impulse to buy. Please remember high price doesn't necessarily lead to a high-quality product, as the same low price doesn't mean the high-quality too. Maybe the product is defective, imitate products or they will not delivery. Except an honest merchant may clearance, discount, offer coupons.

Snazal.com has proven to be a honest merchant as its customer service team has won awards in the past.

5. Check whether they support PayPal payment
PayPal is a payment that tends to protect buyer in trading. If a customer does not receive goods or received goods do not match with the description, they can initiate a dispute within 45 days and get full refund without any excuses. Moreover, the frequent complaints by customers, or fake and shoddy products will lead to scammers PayPal account frozen soon. Therefore, choose companies who support PayPal payment is more secure.

Snazal does support PayPal on http://www.snazal.com

6. Check whether they support Business Bank Account payment
An excellent online shopping site, must have the local government legal business license, and they will have a business bank account. Otherwise, it is personal business. When you do a large wholesale business which involving in large order, please pay to the company bank account, in order to get better protection of the law.

Snazal supports HSBC Business Global Bank account transfers.

7. Check whether they have customer interaction platform
Customer comments, views and experience of using the product is directly affect the next customer purchase product or not. An honest business, will allow customers to write product reviews, forum, blog and social networks (face book, twitter, you tube) to express their views and opinions. But as a cheater, it would not provide the platform for you.

Snazal works with all social network site such as:

Face book; Twitter; and You tube. Please click on each link to view, each social network site.

8. Check whether the site professional
Details determine success or failure, a professional Business to customer sites must pay much attention to details, including Help Before Ordering, Help After Ordering, have Points or Coupons, be part of Affiliate Program, have Track Order features, and many other services, the site also provide detailed Company Info and a clear Return Policy. Scam will not waste time on these details.

Snazal.com complies with majority of the above. This can be viewed on the main page – Please see http://www.snazal.com

9. Check whether they support face to face transactions
You can also entrust local friends or business partners, home delivery. If it doesn't support the transaction in person or not provide detailed address, it is certainly a cheater no doubt. When you want to make large wholesale business, be sure to use this way to avoid being cheated.

Snazal has a show room feature, where all trade customers can come down and visit. Please see show room details here

10. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth
If all of above are not sufficient to judge whether it is a cheater or not, this is the last skill. You can place a small order in order to verify, you will get the result soon. Even if the deception, the loss is not big. In fact, the scams will ignore your small orders; they will directly refund or ask you to add more.

Snazal.com strives to maintain an excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction. With that goal in mind, Snazal guarantees the condition of every book as it is described on our web site. However if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you are eligible for a refund within 14 days of the estimated delivery date.

In general, online shopping has brought us convenience and many other advantages, don't stop shopping online. Keep in mind the 10 anti-scam unique skills, cheaters would have no chance to scam you, enjoy shopping on snazal.com