Fighting Fantasy Collection 10 Books Set by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The series distinguished itself by featuring a role-playing element.
Fighting Fantasy Collection 10 Books Set Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, fantasy books by Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson
Fighting Fantasy Collection 10 Books Set Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, fantasy books by Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson
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Crypt of the sorcerer

The long-dead sorcerer razaak has been re-awoken and is poised to fulfil his dreams of death and tyranny...The Forces of Chaos are at large across Allansia and it seems that they are all pitted against You! It is up to you to battle against the odds - to find the only weapon to which Razaak is vulnerable, to arm yourself with protections against his awesome powers, and to face him in his lair, the Crypt of the Necromancer!

Forest of doom

The legendary Warhammer of Stonebridge lies lost and broken in the treacherous wilderness of Darkwood Forest. Without it, the Dwarves of Stonebridge are doomed...Only the foolhardy would enter the murky depths of Darkwood. But your quest will lead you into the very heart of the forest. Dare you take on the unknown perils of Darkwood, and survive the puzzles, traps and fearsome creatures that lie in wait for you? You alone must find the missing pieces of the Warhammer and save the Dwarves of Stonebridge before it is too late!

Sorcery! 1

Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing...The evil Archimage has stolen the precious Crown of Kings, intending to use its power to further his tyrannous ends. In this first book of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series, you embark on a quest in the turmoil of Kakhabad, progressing through four books in order to achieve your ultimate goal - the Crown of Kings. Your first task is to traverse the dangerous Shamutanti Hills! Unique in the Fighting Fantasy series, the Sorcery! books allow you to choose your role- will you be warrior or sorcerer? Can you master the demands of the sorcerer's craft, casting spells with the Sorcery! spell book and using all your wits to overcome the enemy? Be careful, for nothing in Kahkabad is quite as it seems...

Caverns of the snow witch

Deep within the Crystal Caves of Icefinger Mountains, the dreaded Snow Witch is plotting to bring on a new Ice Age. A brave trapper dies in your arms and lays the burden of his mission on your shoulders. But time is running out - will YOU take the challenge.

Sorcery! 2

Khare, where every doorway and alley may conceal sudden danger - or unexpected help! As a warrior relying on force of arms, or a wizard trained in magic, you must brave the terror of a city built to trap the unwary. You will need all your wits about you to survive the unimaginable horrors ahead and to make sense of the clues which may lead to your success - or to your doom!

Trial of champions

Trial of Champions is the thrilling sequel to Deathtrap Dungeon. Baron Sukumvit has redesigned his deadly labyrinth, now infested with new terrors, and upped the stakes to 20000 gold pieces. You are sold as a slave to the Baron's wicked brother, Lord Carnuss, whose gladiatorial games you must win before you can even enter Deathtrap Dungeon and compete for your freedom. Will YOU survive the trial?

Sorcery! 3

As your quest brings you ever closer to the Crown of Kings, seven deadly serpents race to the fortress of Mampang to warn the Archimage of the impending threat...Your task is to destroy the serpents and reach the Archimage's fortress. As in previous books, you choose between playing a Warrior or a Sorcerer, and must use all the information you have gained throughout your quest, casting spells correctly and avoiding the deadliest of traps.

Armies of death

The Kingdom of Allansia is under threat. agglax the evil Zombie-Lord is amassing an army of undead warriors in easter Allansia, beyond the Forest of Friends. His army increases in Size withe every attack on the local villages. Everyday its ranks are swelled with slaughtered vicitims under Agglax's evil spell. Unless they are stopped now, the undead will take over the entire kingdom.

Sorcery! 4

Final book in the 4 part series. Each sorcery book is a complete adventure - you don't need to have read a previous book to move on to the next. Play as either a warrior or a wizard. If you choosee wizardry, your survival will depend onyourknowledge of the sorcery

Return to firetop mountain

The diabolical reign of the evil sorcerer, Zagor, was ended ten years ago by a heroic adventurer who braves the countless perils of Firetop Mountain. Zagor has returned from the dead and plans to take revenge. Some brave adventurer-YOU- must enter the labyrinth and bring justice to the master of the Mountain

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Fighting Fantasy Collection 10 Books Set Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, fantasy books

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Ian Livingstone is an English fantasy author and entrepreneur. Along with Steve Jackson he is the co-founder of the popular and influential series of Fighting Fantasy roleplaying gamebook series and author of many books within that series. He is also one of the co-founders of prominent games company Games Workshop.

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