Football Academy Tom Palmer Collection 6 Books Set Titles in the Set Striking Out, Reading The Game, The Real Thing, Boys United, Captain Fantastic, Free Kick.
Football Academy Tom Palmer Collection 6 Books Set by Tom Palmer
Football Academy Tom Palmer Collection 6 Books Set by Tom Palmer

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 6 Books Collection Set 

 1. Striking Out
Yunis can't believe that he's United leading scorer. It should be the happiest time of his life, but his father wants him to give up football and work hard at school. Can Yunis convince his dad that he can do both, or will he have to hang up his boots forever? Stay on the ball this season with all the action from Football Academy.

 2. Reading The Game
Ben is at his happiest playing for United and is getting top marks from the coach. But every day at school is a trial for Ben, as he struggles to hide a huge secret from his teachers and classmates. Bens secret is starting to affect his game" can he swallow his pride and ask for help before he sidelines himself" for good?

 3. The Real Thing
United's under-twelves are in Poland for a tournament. Goal-keeper Tomasz is very excited to be playing in his home country, but team captain Ryan thinks Poland are rubbish - in fact, he thinks everything Polish is rubbish. Ryan's behaviour causes trouble both on and off the pitch. Can Ryan and Tomasz tackle their differences - or will Ryan's bullying foul United's chance of success?

4. Boys United
Jake loves football and dreams of becoming a professional footballer. He's worried about his height though - what if he's too small for football? But on the day of his trial Jake is quick on the ball and scores - he's made it! Jake can't wait to pull on his shirt and join the team. But someone at the club wants to make his life difficult. Can Jake face up to the bullies and become man of the match again? Stay on the ball this season with the first four stories following the boys in United's under-twelves.

5. Captain Fantastic
An exciting football series, following the adventures of United's under-twelves side. Since Ryan Flynn got into trouble for bullying, he's been determined to pull his socks up and be the best captain United's ever had. So when team-mate Craig causes problems on - and off - the pitch, Ryan knows he must get to the bottom of it or he'll lose a talented player. But Craig's worries are much bigger than Ryan realized - can he help Craig and stop him from being shown the red card?
6. Free Kick
The fifth book in the fast-paced Football Academy series. James has been a junior player at United for a long time. Everyone expects him to follow in his dad's footsteps and play for England one day. But James isn't so sure. He has something he wants to do even more than football. Something that means he would have to give up football. The problem is he doesn't want to disappoint his dad. At a tournament in London, where he is pitched against Arsenal and Chelsea players, James finally makes his mind up.

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Football Academy Tom Palmer Collection 6 Books Set

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Tom Palmer is a specialist in encouraging boys to read, working regularly for the National Literacy Trust, the Football Foundation, the Premier League and the Reading Agency. He lives in Yorkshire.

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