Kenton Rogers has been working with trees since leaving school in the early 1990s, starting out as a field technician with Forest Research. Amongst other things he has since worked for the the Duke of Wellington's estate as assistant forester and has served 10 years as a Trustee for the International Tree Foundation. Most recently he co- founded Treeconomics, a social enterprise with a mission to highlight the benefits of trees and has also completed a Masters in Forest Ecosystem Management, focusing on the benefits of urban trees. Kenton was a contributing author to both the UK National Ecosystem assessment and the following books: The Urban Forest, published by Springer, and The Tree Manual, published by Haynes. He has also authored various technical papers, instruction manuals, popular articles and scientific papers. Kenton is a Chartered Forester, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and lives and works in Devon.
Haynes Tree Manual, Owners Workshop Manual by Haynes
Haynes Tree Manual, Owners Workshop Manual by Haynes

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Haynes Tree Manual, Owners Workshop Manual


Trees Owners Workshop Manual focuses on selecting the right tree for the right place and how to care for and maintain them. It explains how trees work, including the huge advances in the science over the last 20 years, what trees need to survive and thrive in our increasing urban environments and how to use trees (as a biotechnology) to improve our immediate and wider environment..

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Haynes Tree Manual, Owners Workshop Manual

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