Help Your Kids with Times Tables is one of many in this educational series of Help Your Kids With academic books that enable parents to help their children with schoolwork. Other options in this range include Help Your Kids with Maths, Help Your Kids with Computer Science, Help Your Kids with Study Skills, and more.
Help Your Kids with Times Tables, Ages 5-11 (Key Stage 1-2) by Carol Vorderman
Help Your Kids with Times Tables, Ages 5-11 (Key Stage 1-2) by Carol Vorderman

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Help Your Kids With Times Tables


The maths book every parent needs to make learning this subject fun and engaging. Unlock your child's academic achievement with this unique and colourful approach to understanding times tables.

An education book for kids in a series created by Carol Vorderman, the UK's number 1 bestselling education author. If your kids are struggling with their times tables, this book is for you.

A comprehensive and accessible guide and workbook that provides a range of learning techniques complemented by practice exercises throughout. From times tables basics to challenging number sequences, the methods, tricks and tips shown ensure that no child (or parent) is left feeling bewildered.

Fun graphics help to engage your child and allow them to visualise the maths problem in front of them. It even offers super handy parents' notes on the practice tests to make sure that you can answer any tricky questions with confidence and give essential times tables guidance.

Help Your Kids with Times Tables is the perfect guide for frustrated children and confused adults.

Build Confidence, Reduce Stress And Solve Times Tables!

So, you want to help your kids understand what they're being taught. Often, a trip down this memory lane can be a real challenge for adults (especially since the curriculum has likely changed a whole lot since you were in school!).

An invaluable guide to help your kids learn maths, this book will become your best friend! Straightforward, with easy to follow tips, hints, and advice from Carol Vorderman, helping your children understand and remember their times tables forever.

The practice pages and questions have been compiled and tested by a team of experts and allow parents and kids to work together to solve even the trickiest times tables!

Guaranteed to build confidence, reduce stress, and make even the most difficult aspects of this subject simple, clear and accessible.

This easy times tables book is ideal for Key Stage 1 and 2 children (ages 5-11) and includes:

-Easy times tables
-Tricky times tables
-Times tables time challenges
-Times tables practice

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Help Your Kids with Times Tables, Ages 5-11 (Key Stage 1-2)

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