James Patterson Women's Murder Club Series 5 Books Collection Set Titles in the Set are 11th Hour, 12th of Never, Unlucky 13, 14th Deadly Sin and 15th Affair.
James Patterson Women's Murder Club Series 5 Books Collection Set (11-15) by James Patterson
James Patterson Women's Murder Club Series 5 Books Collection Set (11-15) by James Patterson

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James Patterson Women's Murder Club Series 5 Books Collection Set 


11th Hour

She won't know until the 11th hour. A notorious drug dealer is gunned down using a weapon taken from the evidence locker in Lindsay's own department! Lindsay must investigate her closest colleagues. But who can she trust? And is she placing herself, and her unborn baby, in a deadly situation?

12th of Never 

An eccentric professor walks into Lindsay's homicide department to report a murder that hasn't yet happened. A convicted serial killer wakes from a two-year coma. He says he is ready to tell where the bodies are buried, but does he have a much more sinister plan in mind? Lindsay doesn't have much time to stop a terrifying future from unfolding. But all the crimes in the world seem like nothing when she is suddenly faced with the possibility of the most devastating loss of her life.

Unlucky 13

When two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge, Detective Lindsay Boxer doubts that it will be anything as simple as a traffic accident. The scene is more gruesome than anything she has seen before. It definitely wasn't the crash that killed these people.  While Lindsay starts to piece this case together, she gets a call she wasn't expecting. Sightings of her ex-colleague-turned-ruthless-killer Mackie Morales have been reported. Wanted for three murders, Mackie has been in hiding since she escaped from custody. But now she is ready to return to San Francisco and pay a visit to some old friends.

14th Deadly Sin

As Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates whether the perpetrators are brilliant impostors or police officers gone rogue, she receives a chilling warning to back off. On the other side of the city, an innocent woman is murdered in broad daylight in front of dozens of witnesses. But there are no clues and no apparent motive. With killers in disguise, a maniac murderer on the loose, and danger getting ever closer to Lindsay's door, could this be one case too many for the Women's Murder Club?

15th Affair

The first is a man who checked in under a false name. Two are in a room next door, full of surveillance equipment. And the fourth is the house maid, who saw too much.  Detective Lindsay Boxer is sent in to investigate and hunt down an elusive and dangerous suspect. But when her husband Joe goes missing, she begins to fear that the suspect she is searching for could be him.  As the case gets ever more complicated and personal, San Francisco is suddenly faced with an atrocity no one will ever forget.

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James Patterson Women's Murder Club Series 5 Books Collection Set (11-15)

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James Brendan Patterson is an American author. He is largely known for his novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross, the protagonist of the Alex Cross series. Patterson also wrote the Michael Bennett, Women's Murder Club, Maximum Ride, Daniel X, and Witch and Wizard series, as well as many stand-alone thrillers, non-fiction and romance novels. His books have sold more than 300 million copies and he holds the Guinness World Record for being the first person to sell 1 million e-books.

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