Jamie Johnson Football series 7 books collection written by Dan Freedman tells the story of a young boy named Jamie Johnson who is crazy for football.
Jamie Johnson Football Series 7 Book Collection Set by Dan Freedman
Jamie Johnson Football Series 7 Book Collection Set by Dan Freedman

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Jamie Johnson Football Series 7 Book Collection Set


Skills from Brazil

Before the packed stadiums. Before the international play. Before the bright lights. Jamie Johnson had to learn to play from the best. Jamie is in his last year of primary school and loves being the best footballer in school. He's the only one that could possible lead the students to victory in their annual game against the teachers. Then it's announced that a new, Brazilian student will be joining mid-term. Will the new boy overshadow Jamie's skill? From the school pitch to the beaches of Rio, Jamie Johnson is going to learn there's more to being a great footballer than he ever imagined.

The Kick Off

Jamie's desperate to become Highwood School's star football player (and in his dreams, Hawkstone United's, too). But after he wrecks his chances at the trials, the pressure's on to prove himself. Dan Freedman is a hot new talent headed straight for the Premier League. He has great connections and insider knowledge - he works

Shoot to Win

Jamie Johnson can't believe his luck. He's playing for Kingfield School in the Cup Semi-Final and scouts from his favourite club, Hawkstone United, are coming to watch! But Jamie's hopes of a professional career still have a long way to go...

Golden Goal

The third book in the gripping Jamie Johnson series. Jamie's dreams of becoming a professional footballer seem to be coming true, after years of hoping and practising. But, just when he's close to living the dream, a shocking event turns his world upside down. He's never been a quitter, but can he rise to the toughest challenge of his life.

Man of the Match

Jamie Johnson starts the season on fire. He's playing for his beloved Hawkstone - and he's the top scorer in the country. But when a rival from an Italian club joins his team, everything changes. Jamie's temper gets the better of him, and he's sent on loan to a much smaller club. Will Jamie be able to make it back into the big time - or has he blown his chances for good

World Class

It's the big one! The World Cup Finals beckon for Jamie Johnson but first he must answer a huge question: Which country will he play for? With brand new characters and all the trademark jaw-dropping footy action, Dan Freedman and Jamie Johnson return on very top form for the fifth book in the series.

Final Whistle

"This was the team of teams. The club of clubs. And now they wanted him to join them." A transfer to the best club in the world beckons for Jamie Johnson. This is big. This is huge! However, a time bomb is already ticking within Jamie... The final whistle about to blow.

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Jamie Johnson Football Series 7 Book Collection Set

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Daniel Z. Freedman (born 1939, Hartford, Connecticut) is an American theoretical physicist. He is a Professor of Physics and Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is known for his work in supergravity.

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This has enough stuff to keep one busy, a great play book series.Good series collection for all football lovers...


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