Jefferson Parker 6 Book Collection, is full of fantasy novels. Titles in the set are Storm Runners, Red Light, The Blue Hour, Silent Joe, California Girl and Black Water.
Jefferson Parker 6 Books Collection Pack Set by Jefferson Parker
Jefferson Parker 6 Books Collection Pack Set by Jefferson Parker
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Jefferson Parker Collection 6 Books Set

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Storm Runners

Praise for 'Storm Runners': 'A taut plot, plenty of action and strongly drawn characters make this the gripping read you'd expect from this master of the genre' Irish Independent 'A tense thriller with many twists and turns' Belfast Telegraph 'Shows why Parker ranks as one of the top contemporary suspense writers' Publisher's Weekly 'Superbly wrought! wonderful! Parker shares with F. Scott Fitzgerald the viewpoint that "character is action", which is what makes this author's fiction so intensely readable' Kirkus Review 'A swift plot, pitch-perfect dialogue, and deeply troubled characters who are impossible to forget' Booklist Praise for 'California Girl': 'Darkly nostalgic! powerful' Literary Review Praise for Jefferson Parker:

Red Light

Parker's many fans met Merci Rayborn, the Orange County homicide investigator, in The Blue Hour, and will be happy to renew their acquaintance with her in Red Light. Although she is still mourning the death of her former partner Tim Hess, who fathered her two-year-old son, her relationship with fellow cop Mike McNally is progressing nicely, and so is her career on the force. Then two murders, decades apart, come together in a way that shakes Merci's world both personally and professionally; two beautiful young prostitutes are both killed for what they knew and what they threatened to tell. Who's covering up the corruption in the department that led to the first murder? And was Merci's lover responsible for the second? Someone's sending Merci evidence that disappeared from the police locker years ago; did that same person frame Mike too

The Blue Hour

Genuinely shocking, but much more shocking than most of the genre's output' Literary Review 'A superior thriller' Mail on Sunday 'Jefferson Parker is a powerhouse writer' New York Times Book Review 'The crimes are sickening, the killer is a monster and the gadgets of destruction are truly bizarre. It must be another insanely imaginative thriller from Jefferson Parker' New York Times

Silent Joe

Atmospheric, complex and intelligent psychological suspense from the bestselling author of The Blue Hour and Red Light With the horrible remnants of a childhood trauma forever visible on his face, Joe Trona is scarred in more ways than one. Rescued from an ophanage by Will Trona, a charismatic Orange County politician who sensed his potential, Joe is swept into the maelstrom of influence and intimidation that surrounds his adoptive father's illustrious career.

California Girl

Stunning new thriller from the award-winning Jefferson Parker, author of The Blue Hour, Red Light, Black Water and Cold Pursuit.

In 1968 Southern California was a tumultuous and at times seriously weird place to be. Jim Morrison was on the radio, Nixon was headed for the White House, Charles Manson was on the prowl and Dr Timothy Leary was introducing his followers to the wonders of LSD.

It was also the year Nick Becker investigated his first homicide. The victim had been a beauty queen till they took away her crown for posing in Playboy. But Nick memory of her went back way before that, to a five-year-old in a tutu and cowboy boots. It gave him an added incentive to find the man who cut off her head and dumped her in an old packing house amid the orange groves.

Four decades on, Nick discovers that the man he arrested for the murder, the man the court convicted despite his not guilty plea, may indeed have been innocent after all. But in order to unearth the truth, Becker will need to dig deep into his own family darkest secrets.

Black Water

New psychological suspense novel from bestselling American author of The Blue Hour, Red Light and Silent Joe. 'Parker has only one rival -- Thomas Harris' Washington Post Where Sergeant Merci Rayborn is concerned, opinion within the sheriff's department is sharply divided. To some she's a hero for exposing the biggest scandal in the department's history and bringing down the former sheriff. Others cannot forget that, in making her case, she was prepared to implicate her own father and arrest her lover, both well-respected police officers. Just as the hostility is beginning to die down, a young deputy named Archie Wildcraft is found shot in the head outside his home, next to the gun that has just been used to kill his wife.

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Jefferson Parker 6 Books Collection Pack Set

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Jefferson Parker was born 1953 is an American novelist. Parker's books are police procedurals set in Southern California.Parker was born in 1953 in Los Angeles, California, and he has lived his entire life in Southern California. He was educated in public schools and received his bachelor's degree from the University of California, Irvine in English. He began his writing career as a journalist for The Newport Ensign. Parker later switched jobs to the Daily Pilot, winning three Orange County Press Club Awards. It was at this time that he began writing his first novel, Laguna Heat. He received the Edgar Award for Best Novel in 2002 for Silent Joe and again in 2005 for California Girl.

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snazal recommends Jefferson Parker 6 Books collection is wonderfull book which includes fantasy, horror also tells u about modern days and sciifi environments. This book is offers at lower price.

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Jefferson Parker 6 Books Collection is great and is very good books has taught me a lot. No regrets. I recommend u to purchase it!


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