Jo Nesbo collection 3 books set, This is a series of crime novels. Titles in this set are The Devil's Star, The Redbreast and Nemesis.
Jo Nesbo Collection 3 Books Set Pack ( The Redbreast, Nemesis, The Devil's Star) by Jo Nesbo
Jo Nesbo Collection 3 Books Set Pack ( The Redbreast, Nemesis, The Devil's Star) by Jo Nesbo
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Jo Nesbo Collection 3 Books Set:

Titles in this set:

The Devil's Star

The Redbreast


Description by single titles:

1. The Devil's Star

A young woman is murdered in her Oslo flat. One finger has been severed from her left hand, and behind her eyelid is secreted a tiny red diamond in the shape of a five-pointed star a pentagram, the devil's star. Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case with his long-time adversary Tom Waaler and initially wants no part in it. But Harry is already on notice to quit the force and is left with little alternative but to drag himself out of his alcoholic stupor and get to work. A wave of similar murders is on the horizon. An emerging pattern suggests that Oslo has a serial killer on its hands, and the five-pointed devilâ™s star is key to solving the riddle.

2. The Redbreast

Harry Hole, drunkard, loner and brilliant detective is reassigned to surveillance after a high profile mistake. He's bored by his new job until a report of a rare and unusual gun being fired sparks his interest because of its possible links to Neo Nazi activity. Then a former soldier is found with his throat cut. Next Harry's former partner is murdered. Why had she been trying to reach Harry on the night her head was smashed in? The investigation leads Harry to suspect that the crimes have their roots in the battlefields of Eastern Front during WWII. In a quest that takes him to South Africa and Vienna, Harry finds himself perpetually one step behind the killer. He will be both winner and loser by the novel's nail-biting conclusion. The Redbreast. He's your judge, jury and executioner And he must be stopped

3. Nemesis

Grainy CCTV footage shows a man walking into a bank and putting a gun to a cashier's head. He tells her to count to twenty-five. When he doesn't get his money in time, she is executed. Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case. While Harry's girlfriend is away in Russia, an old flame gets in touch. He goes to dinner at her house and wakes up at home with no memory of the past twelve hours. The same morning the girl is found shot dead in her bed. Then Harry begins to receive threatening e-mails. Is someone trying to frame him for this unexplained death? Meanwhile the bank robberies continue with unparalleled savagery. Gripping and surprising, Nemesis is the new thriller by one of the biggest stars of Scandinavian crime fiction.

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Jo Nesbo Collection 3 Books Set Pack ( The Redbreast, Nemesis, The Devil's Star)

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About Author

Jo Nesbø is a musician, songwriter, economist and author. His first crime novel featuring Harry Hole was published in Norway in 1997 and was an instant hit, winning the Glass Key Award for best Nordic crime novel. The Leopard is the sixth of Nesbø's novels to be translated into English.

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I love this collection very interesting thank you Joe Nesbo.


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