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Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Thriller Collection 10 Books Set- Police, Son, Leopard, Phantom, Devil's star, Cockroaches, Snowman, Redeemer, Redbreast by Jo Nesbo
Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Thriller Collection 10 Books Set- Police, Son, Leopard, Phantom, Devil's star, Cockroaches, Snowman, Redeemer, Redbreast by Jo Nesbo
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Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Thriller Collection 10 Books Set



A killer is stalking Oslos streets. Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated, but failed to solve. The murders are brutal, the media reaction hysterical.  But this time, Harry can't help anyone For years, detective Harry Hole has been at the centre of every major criminal investigation in Oslo. His dedication to his job and his brilliant insights have saved the lives of countless people. But now, with those he loves most facing terrible danger, Harry can't protect anyone. Least of all himself.

The Son

SONNY�S ON THE RUN Sonny is a model prisoner. He listens to the confessions of other inmates, and absolves them of their sins.
HE�S BEEN LIED TO HIS WHOLE LIFE But then one prisoner�s confession changes everything. He knows something about Sonny�s disgraced father.
SONNY WANTS REVENGE He needs to break out of prison and make those responsible pay for their crimes.

The Leopard

In the depths of winter a killer stalks the city streets. Two women are found drowned in their own blood. A third woman is hanged from a diving board. YOU ARE ALLOWING THIS KILLING TO GO ON. The crime scenes offer no clues, the media is reaching fever pitch, and the police are running out of options. IT'S TIME THIS WAS STOPPED...There is only one man who can help them catch the killer. But Inspector Harry Hole doesn't want to be found.  BECAUSE I HAVE APPOINTED THE NEXT VICTIM.


HARRY'S IN TROUBLE...After the horrors of a case that nearly cost him his life, Harry Hole left Oslo and the police force far behind him. Now he's back, but the case he's come to investigate is already closed, and the suspect already behind bars. THE POLICE DON'T WANT HIM BACK...Denied permission to reopen the investigation, Harry strikes out on his own, quickly discovering a trail of violence and mysterious disappearances apparently unnoticed by the police. At every turn, Harry is faced with a wall of silence. THE CRIMINALS DON'T WANT HIM BACK... But Harry is not the only one interested in the case. From the moment he steps off the plane, someone is watching his every move. SOMEONE WANTS HIM SILENCED

The Devil's star

FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE SNOWMAN - OVER 9 MILLION BOOKS SOLD WORLDWIDE THE MARK OF THE DEVIL, THE SIGN OF A KILLER...A young woman is murdered in her flat and a tiny red diamond in the shape of a five-pointed star is found behind her eyelid. Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case, alongside his long-time adversary Tom Waaler and initially wants no part in it. But Harry is already on his final warning and has little alternative but to drag himself out of his alcoholic stupor when it becomes apparent that Oslo has a serial killer on its hands.


Harry is on a special mission Detective Harry Hole arrives in a steaming hot Bangkok. The Norwegian ambassador has been found dead in a seedy motel room, and Harry has been sent to investigate. It's clear that the Ambassadors family are hiding some secrets of their own, but few people are willing to talk. He needs to solve a crime and avoid a scandal When Harry lays hands on some incriminating CCTV footage, things only get more complicated. The man who gave him the tape goes missing, and Harry realises that failing to solve a murder case is by no means the only danger that faces the unwary. But in an unfamiliar city, who can you trust?

The Snowman

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Michael Fassbender THE FIRST SNOW WILL COME. A young boy wakes to find his mother missing. Their house is empty but outside in the garden he sees his mother's favourite scarf - wrapped around the neck of a snowman. AND THEN HE WILL APPEAR AGAIN. As Harry Hole and his team begin their investigation they discover that an alarming number of wives and mothers have gone missing over the years. AND WHEN THE SNOW IS GONE... When a second woman disappears it seems that Harry's worst suspicions are confirmed: for the first time in his career Harry finds himself confronted with a serial killer operating on his home turf. HE WILL HAVE TAKEN SOMEONE ELSE.

The Redeemer

It is a freezing December night and Christmas shoppers have gathered to listen to a carol concert.  Then a shot rings out and one of the singers falls to the floor, dead. Detective Harry Hole and his team are called in to investigate but have little to work with  there is no immediate suspect, no weapon and no motive. But when the assassin discovers he's shot the wrong man, Harry finds his troubles have only just begun. 

The Redbreast

Not all angels are heaven sent. I am one such angel, and I have come to pass judgement on the living, and the dead... A report of a rare and unusual gun - a type favoured by assassins - being smuggled into the country sparks Detective Harry Hole's interest. Then a former WW2 Nazi sympathizer is found with his throat cut. Next, Harry's former partner is murdered. Why had she been trying to reach Harry on the night she was killed? As Harry's investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that the killer is hell-bent on serving his own justice. And while the link between the cases remains a mystery, one thing is certain: he must be stopped.

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Jo Nesbo Harry Hole Thriller Collection 10 Books Set- Police, Son, Leopard, Phantom, Devil's star, Cockroaches, Snowman, Redeemer, Redbreast

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About Author

Jo Nesbø is a bestselling Norwegian author and musician. He was born in Oslo and grew up in Molde. Nesbø graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics with a degree in economics. Nesbø is primarily famous for his crime novels about Detective Harry Hole, but he is also the main vocals and songwriter for the Norwegian rock band Di Derre. In 2007 Nesbø also released his first children's book, Doktor Proktors Prompepulver.

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