After Auntie Biddy's death there was only Queenie to care for the home and to earn money, and no one to protect her from the father who blamed his daughter for her mother's death.

Titles in this set:

  1. Tomorrow the World
  2. Love Me or Leave Me
  3. Rainbow Days
  4. Let Loose the Tigers
  5. Her Father's Sins
  6. The Gilded Cage
Josephine Cox 6 Books Collection Set Rainbow Days,Gilded Cage,Tomorrow the World by Josephine Cox
Josephine Cox 6 Books Collection Set Rainbow Days,Gilded Cage,Tomorrow the World by Josephine Cox

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Josephine Cox 6 Books Collection Set

Her Father's Sins

Queenie seemed born to suffer. Her mam died giving birth to her, her drunken father George Kenney ignored her unless he was cursing her, and only beloved Auntie Biddy provided an anchor for the little girl.
Tomorrow the World

A compulsive and intense saga of love and secrets: Bridget Mulligan loves her husband. He is caring, loyal and dependable - everything a woman could ask for. But she can't quite forget Harry - the one that got away - and when a snow storm drives her into his arms, the inevitable happens. Nine months later a child is born.
Rainbow Days

This is the vow Silas made to Cathleen on the day he asks her to marry him. Throughout their childhood their love has grown stronger and now, in 1900, they start to plan a life together. But a jealous woman is determined to ruin their happiness and uses Silas's father - a good and honest man - to do so, forcing him to make an impossible sacrifice.
Love Me or Leave Me

Beautiful Eva Bereton has just three close friends: Patsy, whom she looks upon as a sister; Bill, once her childhood sweetheart, now married and living in Canada; and her mother, to whom she is devoted. When a tragic accident turns Eva's world upside down, Patsy is the only one she can turn to.
Let Loose the Tigers

Queenie Bedford fled her native Blackburn and the bitter knowledge that she and Rick Marsden, the man she loved, could never marry. But in 1965 she returned north again to stand by her friend Sheila Thorogood, imprisoned for running a brothel with her mother Maisie. Though Rick had vowed to find her, Queenie took care that he should not know of her whereabouts.
The Gilded Cage

Powerful, hard-hearted Leonard Mears ruthlessly presides over his wife and children, exiling them from the outside world and brutally punishing any disobedience. But he is also a man with a dark secret; an illegitimate daughter that he forced his sister to bring up. The girl is now a young woman who, unbeknown to him, is determined to find the father that abandoned her.

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Josephine Cox 6 Books Collection Set Rainbow Days,Gilded Cage,Tomorrow the World

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