Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Early Readers 7 Books Collection Set. Titles in this set are Zog, Tabby McTat, Tiddler, The Scarecrows Wedding, Stick Man, The Highway Rat and Speedworm.
Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Early Readers 7 Books Collection Set by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Early Readers 7 Books Collection Set by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
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Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Early Readers 7 Books Collection Set



The Red House Award winner, now in a read-alone format. Boost your reading with this wriggly hero! Superworm is not your typical hero with massive muscles. Nope: he is super-skinny. But not weedy at all. When trouble strikes, this brave worm can turn into a life-saving rope. He even squiggle to the rescue in really tiny spaces! We do not know what we like more: Julia bouncy rhymes or Axel Schefflers jolly art. But its the super-helpful Superworm that we love best of all.

The Highway Rat

Julia cute bandit is still as naughty as ever but now he is easier to read. Hide your chocolate éclairs! Do you like buns? Or tasty sweets? So does the Highway Rat. If you have got them, he will steal them. No food is safe, and thats that. This rotten rodent steals nuts from squirrels. He hijacks his own horse hay. What can stop his appetite for snack-based crime? Perhaps a clever duck can save the day Are you reading alone? Do you love Julia and Axels funny picture books? Of course you do. So read this! The original bestselling story and artwork, now with a clearer font and layout. Good enough to eat. (But read it first.)

Stick Man

Read Stick Mans exciting story all by yourself. Race to the end of the book to help him get home! When Stick Man is snatched up by a dog one frosty morning, his whole world turns upside down. Soon he is being tossed into the river, woven into a swans nest and used as a flag mast on a sandcastle. Oh dear! As summer turns into winter, Stick Man is lost and frozen. Will he ever get back home to his Family Tree? Find out in this fantastic easy-read version of a snowy rhyme that everybody loves!

The Scarecrows Wedding

Bliss from the dream team behind The Gruffalo. A merry rhyme to fall in love with, now in a fantastic read-alone format. Scarecrows Harry O Hay and Betty O Barley are planning the perfect farmyard wedding. There is just one problem: a stinky old baddie wants to ruin the big day. Will horrid Reginald Rake spoil their magical story? Read this book to find out but dont forget your confetti!


The magical rhyming story of a tiny fish with a passion for spinning tall tales, now in a fantastic read-alone format. Did Tiddler really ride a seahorse? Did he truly meet a mermaid? What tale will Tiddler tell next? This wonderful early reader contains the complete story and artwork of Julia Donaldsons classic story, now with a clearer typeface and layout to support children who are gaining confidence in reading. As Tiddlers quick tongue and wild imagination save him from all kinds of sticky situations, his adventures will captivate your little one.

Tabby McTat

Julia and Axels purr-fect picture book, now with a simpler page layout that helps you read it alone. Meet a cat who will make you sing for joy! Nobody writes great rhymes like Julia Donaldson. And no one sings like Tabby McTat, the buskers cat! He loves to yowl along as people toss coins into Freds hat. But one terrible day, the friends lose each other. Will they ever sing songs together again? All the original text and art, but now with a clearer font and layout. Dont pussyfoot around: practise your reading with adorable Tabby McTat!


Axels great pictures and Julias funny rhymes are now easier to read. Give Zog a gold star. Practise your reading and have your socks charmed off by the worlds keenest little dragon. Zog loves school. He always does his best. Trouble is, his lessons never go to plan. He cant seem to win a gold star. But we dont care: we think he is top of the class! All the original words and pictures of the bestselling picture book. Now with a clearer layout and typeface to help you read it alone.

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Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Early Readers 7 Books Collection Set

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