Kitty Neale collection 13 books set. Titles contain in this set are: Family Betrayal, Abandoned Child, A Mother's Sacrifice, A Father's Revenge, A Daughter's Disgrace, A Family Scandal, A Broken Family, Mother's Ruin, Nobody's Girl, Sins Of The Father, Lost & Found, Forgotten Child, Lost Angel.
Kitty Neale Collection 13 Books Set A Broken Family, Abandoned Child by Kitty Neale
Kitty Neale Collection 13 Books Set A Broken Family, Abandoned Child by Kitty Neale

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Kitty Neale Collection 13 Books Set

Titles In This Set:
  • Family Betrayal
  • Abandoned Child
  • A Mother's Sacrifice
  • A Father's Revenge
  • A Daughter's Disgrace
  • A Family Scandal
  • A Broken Family
  • Mother's Ruin
  • Nobody's Girl
  • Sins Of The Father
  • Lost & Found
  • Forgotten Child
  • Lost Angel

Family Betrayal

But when tempers flare and a family feud spirals out of control, tragedy strikes, leaving eldest son Danny in charge.But he has shocking plans for the family business and Petula, the baby of the family, becomes the scapegoat for the Draper€s dirty dealings.

Abandoned Child

When Penny turns sixteen and tragedy strikes, Lorna s cousin Maureen, a feisty ex-stripper from London, strides into her life. Penny determines to make her own way in the world and, with Maureen, throws herself into a thrilling new life on the grimy streets of Soho.

A Mother€s Sacrifice

Glenda Jenkins has been beaten by her husband Harry one too many times €" and this time he€s put her in a hospital bed. Battered and bruised, Glenda slowly makes her recovery. But she fears what awaits her back at home.When Glenda meets kind hospital porter Frank, he offers her a lifeline she can€t refuse.

A Father's Revenge

A mother must fight to protect all she holds dear.A bad man can never come good.Thirteen years have passed since Kevin Dolby was sent to prison for robbery with violence.In the meantime, his ex wife Pearl Button has divorced him and remarried, determined to protect her son from knowing who his real father is.

A Daughter's Disgrace

A heartrending story of family shame from Sunday Times bestseller, Kitty Neale. A gritty London tale, perfect for fans of Katie Flynn, Nadine Dorries and Maureen Lee.1950s Battersea is no place for a shamed woman.

A Family Scandal

A gritty and emotional family drama, from the Sunday Times bestseller. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Katie Flynn.You can never leave a bad man behind.Mavis Pugh has had a hard life.

A Broken Family

A gritty tale of family and a love that holds no bounds, from the best-selling author of Nobody s Girl and A Father s Revenge.Celia Frost has always thought herself a cut above the other residents of Lark Rise in Battersea.

Mother's Ruin

You can't choose your family...When Sally and her family have to move back to Candle Lane to look after her grandmother, the cracks in their family soon begin to show.

Nobody's Girl

Abandoned on the cold stone steps of an orphanage, only a few hours old and clutching the object which was to give her name, Pearl Button had a hard start to life.Now 16 years old, she's finally managed to escape the cruel confines of the orphanage.

Sins of the Father

Left to raise eight siblings after her mother's death, 17-year-old Emma Chambers faces a daily battle with hunger and her father's drunken rages.Until she is offered a way out.

Lost & Found

Taunted by everyone around her, including her mother Lily, 15-year-old Mavis Jackson is devastated when her only ally, her father Ron, leaves home to beat his gambling addiction.

Forgotten Child

ALONE...Jennifer Lavender was a lonely child. She always felt like second best and desperately craved her parents love.ADOPTED...When Jenny learns she was adopted everything falls into place.

Lost Angel

After losing everything in the Blitz, Hilda Stone and her 14-year-old daughter Ellen are desperate for a miracle. But their world is shattered when a telegram informs them that Doug.

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Kitty Neale Collection 13 Books Set A Broken Family, Abandoned Child

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