Lego Chain Reactions Activity Book (Klutz) by Pat Murphy. make amazing moving machines in Lego Chain Reactions! Children can build eight simple machines that can be combined to set off a chain reaction. They can use all the included LEGO pieces in conjunction with their own collection to build the contraptions and record all their experiments in the pages of the book. It comes with everything you need, including 20 LEGO pieces, instructions and paper ramps.
Lego Chain Reactions Activity Book Klutz by Pat Murphy by Pat Murphy
Lego Chain Reactions Activity Book Klutz by Pat Murphy by Pat Murphy
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Lego Chain Reactions Activity Book (Klutz) by Pat Murphy

Build one thing that leads to Another and Another..  and Another.. and Another


The book includes:
  • A 78 page book of instruction and inspiration
  • 33 Lego Elements
  • 6 Lego balls
  • 2.2 yds (2 m) of string
  • 8 paper ramps
  • 2 paper pop-ups signs
  • 1 Paper Funnel
  • 1 Paper Flag
  • 1 Paper Bucket
  • 1 Platform

Have you ever basked in the excitement that is watching a Rube Goldberg-like contraption unfold? Well, now you can build one of your own while learning all about the physics behind it!

Using over thirty LEGO elements, plus a few rolling spheres, you get to build ten brilliant contraptions that all come together to create an amazing chain reaction.

Page by page, detailed instructions help you perfectly build each mechanism while learning how and why everything works.

Send a tire spinning around a pole to launch a hammer and lift a sign. Spin a windmill to keep the ball rolling and then start a reaction that zig-zags upwards.

Build a pulley that launches a ball, a wild spinning vortex, and an amazing zig-zag finish line!

Then, once you've finished building everything, put it all together and watch as it spins, pivots, rolls, lifts, and drops all in one amazing, continuous motion!

Who cares if it doesn't do anything useful? The fun is in watching it all go!

Designed and written by a genius team of experts, educators, and 11-year-olds, the LEGO Chain Reactions kit opens up children to just how amazing physics can be.

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Lego Chain Reactions Activity Book Klutz by Pat Murphy

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Pat Murphy won the Nebula Award for her 1986 science fiction novel The Falling Woman and also, in the same year, for her novelette "Rachel in Love." Her 1990 novella "Bones" won the World Fantasy Award and her story collection Points of Departure, also published in 1990, won the Philip K. Dick Award. She has published several other SF and fantasy novels, including The City, Not Long After (1989), Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles (1996), and the children's novel The Wild Girls (2007). She lives in San Francisco.

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Lego Chain Reactions Activity Book is awesome, my child has lot of fun with this activity book..


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