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  • Business
  • The Ladykiller
  • Life
  • Revenge
  • Two Women
Martina Cole Collection 5 Books Set - Business, Ladykiller, Life, Revenge, Two Women by Martina Cole
Martina Cole Collection 5 Books Set - Business, Ladykiller, Life, Revenge, Two Women by Martina Cole

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Martina Cole Collection 5 Books Set



Pregnant, alone and scared, she starts down a trail of lies and destruction that will wreck the lives of all who try to love her. As Imelda brings her daughter Jordanna into the world, followed by her son Kenny, she takes them with her into the dark underworld of drugs, prostitution and violence. But all actions have consequences.

The Ladykiller

It's up to DI Kate Burrows to stop him. But Kate has a problem. The Grantley Ripper has attacked the daughter of one of London's most infamous gangsters, Patrick Kelly, and now Kate's investigation, along with her heart, are dangerously entwined with him. As the worlds of crime and law collide, will Kate take down the Ladykiller, or will he be her undoing?Her unique take on London's criminal underworld will have you hooked, so don't miss the rest of the DI Kate Burrows series, BROKEN, HARDGIRLS and DAMAGED


Brothers Daniel and Peter rule London's East End with threats and violence. Only a fool would cross them, but there are always those in the shadows who will try. And when their enemies strike, every Bailey pays the price. But none more so than Daniel's only daughter, Tania. The Life is in her blood, and now it's her weapon for revenge. For more novels that will take you deep into the dark and dangerous criminal underworld, check out Martina Cole's THE GRAFT, THE BUSINESS and REVENGE


Michael Flynn is untouchable. He's the boss of a dangerous empire, the biggest the criminal world has ever seen. No one crosses him, no one gets in his way, and everyone does what he says - including the law. But you don't get to where Michael is without making enemies. Someone is out for revenge. And it's best served when least expected.

Two Women

Prison will make or break you... Danger and violence have always been a part of Susan Dalston's East End upbringing, but being locked up with another murderess will have consequences that no one could have predicted. TWO WOMEN by Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller Martina Cole tells the truth about prison life, and how far one woman will go for justice... Susan Dalston killed her husband in a final act of desperation. Banged up in Holloway, all that keeps her sane is knowing that her children are now safe from the man who terrorised them.

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Martina Cole Collection 5 Books Set - Business, Ladykiller, Life, Revenge, Two Women

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