Meerkat Tales Books Collection by Aleksandr Orlov. Packed with six exciting stories of courageousness, suspense and adventures of Russian meerkats.
Meerkat Tales 6 Books Collection Box Set by Aleksandr Orlov
Meerkat Tales 6 Books Collection Box Set by Aleksandr Orlov
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Aleksandr and the Mysterious Knightkat

When Aleksandr discovers that the stinky half metal, half mongoose scoundrel that is evil Doctor Robogoose has captured his beloved meerkat, Princess Maiya, he has to don his Turbo-Charged Flying Cape and swoop to the rescue. Will our favourite meerkat be successful? Will he save the girl and see the wind make patterns in her soft fur..?

Bogdan and the Big Race

Cheeky meerpup Bogdan has the day off school to take part in the final of the Meerkovian Grand Prix. But will the young meerkat be able to cope with dirty mongoose tactics that lie between him, the podium and the rousing Meerkovo Anthem?

Maiya in the Beautiful Ballet

After years of practice, Maiya is finally ready for her debut in the world famous 'Romeero and Juliet' ballet. She is very nervous, but will her meerkat brilliance - with the help of the handsome dancer Aleksandrovich Orlovski - win through?

Sergei's Space Adventure

Captain Sergei finds himself at the forefront of the latest meerthrust to the moon. As the meerkat battles with exhaustion and his quest for floating beetle bits, it's touch and go whether he will achieve his life-long ambition to play golf on the moon.

Vassily the King of Rock

Vassily's dream of being watched by millions of meerkats as he struts his rock star stuff looks like coming true. As the crowd roars his name and the mirror balls glint in the limelight, will he be able to make the stadium rock?

Yakov Saves Christmas

Yakov, and his meerkat ancestors before him, have always made the best quality toys in all of Russia. But when Santa Claws falls ill, will Yakov - with a bit of help from the muskrat elves - be able to deliver all the toys in time to save Christmas?

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Meerkat Tales 6 Books Collection Box Set

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Aleksandr Orlov, He lives in Moscow, although he also owns a large mansion in South London. He now spends his time on vanity projects such as his website, numerous self-portraits, various petitions , and epic film-making.

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I love the Meerkat Tales each one is special, very interesting..


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