My Brother the Werewolf Collection 4 books set titles in the set Cry Wolf; Puppy Love!; Howl-oween; Tail Spin.
My Brother the Werewolf Collection 4 Books Set Sienna Mercer by Sienna Mercer
My Brother the Werewolf Collection 4 Books Set Sienna Mercer by Sienna Mercer

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My Brother the Werewolf Collection 4 Books Set Sienna Mercer 


Cry Wolf!

To their classmates, Daniel and Justin are identical twin brothers. But in fact they couldn't be more different. On their thirteenth birthday, one is destined to turn into a werewolf! This full moon is going to change everything. Will Riley and Debi find out the boys' secret? And what will happen to the band?

Puppy Love

The Packer twins are getting good at this werewolf thing. The only trouble is, Daniel is the werewolf, but Justin is the one who's good at it. So Daniel concentrates on winning the Battle of the Bands with his group, In Sheep's Clothing. But when his lyrics go missing and the band's dreams of their first gig are shredded. And what will Debi do if she works out the song is about her? Meanwhile Justin totally does not want to win homecoming king. Stuck up cheerleader Mackenzie Barton is sure to get voted queen, and the only person Justin could dance with in front of everybody is Riley - but Riley doesn't even know he exists!

Tail Spin

Justin and Daniel are in a spin, Justin's begun taking dance classes with his girlfriend, Riley. But if the football team find out, he's sure he'll be dead mean. Meanwhile, Daniel's really happy with Debi - but her dad is super-suspicious of him, and completely convinced that werewolves exist! Can Daniel throw him off the scent? One thing's for sure, the twins will need some fancy footwork to get out of this...


It's Halloween, but twins Daniel and Justin aren't about to be spooked by ghosts and pumpkins - after all, one of them is a werewolf! But there's still plenty to be scared about - like knowing when to hold your new girlfriend's hand, and having to swap identities to keep your biggest family secret safe. Trick-or-treating has never been so confusing!

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My Brother the Werewolf Collection 4 Books Set Sienna Mercer

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Sienna Mercer grew up in Toronto, Canada. She was an only child, and always wanted a brother or sister – especially a twin. A twin would have been awesome! Sadly, she never got that sister so, when she was grown up, she did the next best thing - she wrote books about a girl who reminded her of herself, and gave her the most fun, fabulous twin she could think of! Sienna began writing stories when she was a teenager, on a very wet day in Toronto when her cheerleading practice was cancelled - and she has not stopped writing since. She used to write in red leather notebooks while sat on her bed, but now does most of her writing in her attic, which is quite dark, and has some spooky cobwebs in the corners - the perfect location for thinking about vampires. She doesn't use red notebooks anymore, either, although she keeps them in a chest by her desk in the attic. Sienna got the idea for My Sister the Vampire from a daydream she had - what if she had a super-cool twin sister... who was a vampire? She loved the characters - and their kooky friends and family - so much that she just had to keep writing about them. When she's not daydreaming about vampires and cheerleading, Sienna enjoys travelling and exploring new cities, and keeps a detailed scrapbook of everywhere she’s visited. She lives in Toronto, kept company by Calypso and Angel – her two gorgeous cats. She is happily writing away and we wait for her upcoming books!

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A fantastic story of a twin brothers, wonderful collection set.


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