My Royal Story Collection 5 Books by Various. Each book has genuine and fictional characters in diverse parts of the world and in distinctive time periods.
My Royal Story Collection 5 Books Set (My Story) by Various
My Royal Story Collection 5 Books Set (My Story) by Various
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My Royal Story Collection

Titles in this set:

Victoria, Bloody Tower, Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn and Me, Catherine of Aragon.

Description by single titles:

1. Catherine of Aragon

It is 1501 and Eva is making the greatest trip of her life - from Spain to London as lady-in-waiting to the Spanish bride of Arthr, Prince of Wales, Catherine of Aragon. But Prince Arthur does not have long to live. What will happen to Catherine, his new wife, then?

2. Elizabeth

Daughter of a fallen queen, young Princess Elizabeth lives a complicated and dangerous life. She fears her father's famous temper but loves him dearly - she would trade all her jewels just to be noticed by him. As the royal family moves palaces, court intrigue swirls around the young princess, under the threat of a French invasion.

3. Anne Boleyn and Me

When the King came riding in on his big, black horse, a murmur went up, because his tunic was stitched with the words, Declare I Dare Not. All the ladies were giggling behind their hands, and I asked Mama what it meant. Her face had turned quite pink and she said, 'Never mind', so I asked Rosanna later.

4. Victoria

Offers vividly imagined accounts of queens and princesses from the past.

5. Bloody Tower

Tilly lives in turbulent times. It's the 1550s; when Queen Mary ousts Lady Jane Grey to win the throne, her executioners are kept busy. Even Princess Elizabeth is imprisoned in the Tower. As Tilly watches the plots and politics of the Tudor court unfolding, she waits for her chance to deliver a very important letter...

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My Royal Story Collection 5 Books Set (My Story)

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