Titles in this set:

  • The Tales of Olga Da Polga
  • Olga Follows Her Nose
  • Olga Moves House
  • Olga Takes Charge
  • Olga Carries On
  • Olga Meets Her Match
Olga Da Polga 6 Books Collection set by Michael Bond by Michael Bond
Olga Da Polga 6 Books Collection set by Michael Bond by Michael Bond

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Michael Bond Olga da Polga Collection 6 Books Set

The Tales of Olga Da Polga

Olga da Polga has left the pet shop to start a new life with her owners. Her home is now a large and airy hutch and it's not long before she meets Noel the cat, Fangio the hedgehog, and Graham the tortoise.

Olga Meets Her Match

Olga da Polga goes visiting and meets Boris, a guinea-pig. Olga and Boris become friends and Olga discovers that Boris can tell even taller tales than she can. Soon, the time comes for her to return to her own garden, but she doesn't mind.

Olga Takes Charge

It's a busy time in the Sawdust household and Olga is right in the thick of it. She gives out advice to the other animals in the garden, takes part in a sponsored squeak, and even goes jogging!

Olga Moves House

Olga is delighted when the Sawdust family move her inside their house for the winter. She has her own box in the corner of the dining room where she spends her days watching the comings and goings in the house.

Olga Follows Her Nose

Lots of exciting things are happening in the Sawdust household, and Olga da Polga is right in the thick of them. First of all she finds a strange jigsaw puzzle that looks good enough to eat, and then she discovers a mysterious visitor in the garden who thinks that she looks good enough to eat!

Olga Carries on

There are new arrivals in the Sawdust family and Olga is very keen to meet them. Who are the mysterious creatures living in a palace upstairs in the bedroom? It isn't long before Olga finds out - and the lucky newcomers are just in time to hear her very first poetry recital!

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Olga Da Polga 6 Books Collection set by Michael Bond

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