Oliver Moon collection is story of little wizard oliver. This magical comic book is written by Sue Mongredien. The oliver moon books set is composed of: Oliver Moon and the Monster Mystery, Oliver Moon and the Spider Spell, Happy Birthday, Oliver Moon, Oliver Moon's Troll Trouble, Oliver Moon and the Broomstick Battle, Oliver Moon's Fangtastic Sleepover, Oliver Moon and the Spell-off, Oliver Moon's Christmas Cracker, Oliver Moon and the Nipperbat Nightmare, Oliver Moon's Summer Howliday, Oliver Moon & the Dragon Disaster, Oliver Moon & the Potion Commotion
Oliver Moon Junior Wizard Collection 12 Books Set by Sue Mongredien by Sue Mongredien
Oliver Moon Junior Wizard Collection 12 Books Set by Sue Mongredien by Sue Mongredien

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Titles in this set:

1. Oliver Moon and the Monster Mystery

When Oliver wins the school raffle, he is less than impressed with his prize - an ugly painting entitled Monster Mystery. As soon as the Moons hang it on their kitchen wall, food starts whizzing through the air, crockery smashes itself on the floor and strange messages appear in Oliver's schoolbooks.

2. Oliver Moon and the Spider Spell

Oliver's mum has caught Green Flu so Oliver is in charge of all the housework. There's a lot to do - recharging the wands, washing the cloaks, not to mention looking after the Witch Baby and her pet spider! Everything is okay until Oliver tries a Grow-bigger spell on the cauldron. Then he finds himself in very BIG trouble indeed.

3. Happy Birthday, Oliver Moon

Oliver can't wait for his birthday party...until a mix-up with the invitations means that he's lumbered with some unwanted guests. When food starts disappearing and presents go missing, it looks like Oliver's party is set for disaster. Can Oliver stop the party-poopers in time to have a magical birthday?

4. Oliver Moon's Troll Trouble

Oliver is thrilled by the prospect of performing in the school play until he's cast as a big, bad, blundering troll. Deciding to make the best of it, he sets to researching his character on the Wizard Wide Web. And, when a guest turns up to opening night, it looks like Oliver's knowledge of trolls is going to be needed for more than just acting.

5. Oliver Moon and the Broomstick Battle

Oliver is excited about entering the Junior Wizards' Obstacle Course in the annual Broomstick Olympics, but Bully Bogeywort is intent on ruining Oliver's chances of winning. Can Oliver overcome Bully's cheating tactics?

6. Oliver Moon's Fangtastic Sleepover

Oliver's class are going on a school trip to a haunted house museum and Oliver is really excited about the ghosts he might see. But he didn't plan on the swarm of vampires that arrive in the middle of the night. Can he and his friend Jake work out a way to save his classmates from the bloodthirsty bats?

7. Oliver Moon and the Spell-off

It's embarrassing enough that Oliver's dad has a new job at Magic School, but then smug new boy Casper starts showing Oliver up too. So when Casper challenges Oliver to a magical duel, Oliver agrees. Can he really beat clever Casper and avoid the scary forfeit?

8. Oliver Moon's Christmas Cracker

Oliver is fed up when he finds out he's going to be spending Christmas with his bullying cousins, Thug and Thugette, and things just go from bad to worse when they play a nasty trick on him. But with a little inspiration from a magical Christmas cracker, he comes up with a plan to save the day.

9. Oliver Moon and the Nipperbat Nightmare

Oliver Moon, a junior wizard, is thrilled when he is allowed to look after the class pet, Nippy the Nipperbat, for the Halloween holidays. But when Nippy disappears, Oliver must find a replacement. Unfortunately for Oliver, his new nipperbat is loud and rude and determined to cause as much trouble as possible.

10. Oliver Moon's Summer Howliday

Oliver Moon is really looking forward to his summer holiday in the haunted forest. He can't wait to go ghost hunting and he'd love to meet the werewolves that are rumoured to live there. But his parents are not happy about the noisy howling that goes on in the forest at night. Could Oliver's hairy new friend, Wilf, have anything to do with it?

11. Oliver Moon & the Dragon Disaster

Everyone at Oliver's school is really excited about taking part in the annual Festival of Magic parade, but Oliver is stuck with the boring job of picking up the litter. When his little sister Witch Baby hatches a baby dragon at home, Oliver sees his chance to liven his role up. But things don't quite go to plan.

12. Oliver Moon & the Potion Commotion

Oliver Moon is the hardest working wizard at Magic School and now he's been nominated for Young Wizard of the Year. But at home, he has to cope with his seriously embarrassing unmagical parents. What will the judges say when they find out that the Moons use a microwave instead of a cauldron and a car instead of a broomstick?

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Oliver Moon Junior Wizard Collection 12 Books Set by Sue Mongredien

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Sue Mongredien lives in Bath with her husband and three children. She used to work in publishing and for the BBC, and then spent a long time travelling around the world and having adventures. She still can't believe she actually gets paid for having fun writing lots of exciting, magical and funny stories for children!

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Oliver moon is amazing and Snazal books wholesale would like to recommend this product to you.

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I love this collection for my children, they love Oliver Moon!!


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