Princess Disgrace 4 Books Collection Set Pack Titles in the Set are First Term at Tall Towers, Second Term at Tall Towers, Third Term at Tall Towers, Winter term at Tall Towers.
Princess Disgrace 4 Books Set Collection By Lou Kuenzler by Lou Kuenzle
Princess Disgrace 4 Books Set Collection By Lou Kuenzler by Lou Kuenzle

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Princess Disgrace 4 Books Collection Set Pack


Princess Grace is a brave, funny and clever girl, but she's certainly not the most graceful. In this hilarious series, fans of The Worst Witch and The Naughtiest Girl in School series can enjoy reading about her first few terms at Princess Academy. 

In her first term, she's excited to learn how to be a proper princess and is making friends, despite Princess Precious being mean to her. In Grace's second term, she falls out with Izumi and Scarlet and it appears that everything is going wrong - until a talent competition changes everything. 

The third term finds Grace excited to start swimming lessons with real mermaids, but her friend Scarlet is not so sure. as she's terrified of water; Winter Term at Tall Towers finds all the princesses looking forward to learning to skate on the frozen lake, especially when they hear that one of them will star in a performance with famous dancer Glacia Blizzard - but it turns out she's hiding a dangerous secret.

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Princess Disgrace 4 Books Set Collection By Lou Kuenzler

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Lou Kuenzler was raised on a remote farm on the edge of Dartmoor, before moving to Northern Ireland to study theatre. She went on to work professionally as a theatre director, university lecturer and workshop leader in communities, schools and colleges, before turning her hand to writing a few years ago. Shadow Snatcher is her second title for A & C Black.

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Princess disgrace books are really amazing, my child loves it so much, it has a nice story with lots of beautiful illustration.

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