Andrew Gross 3 Books collection. This is an thrilling, action and mystery Collection about young man's suicide and an elderly woman's murder are linked in Reckless, they must investigate a horrifying financial global conspiracy.
Andrew Gross Collection 3 Books Set (Killing Hour, Don't Look Twice, The Dark Tide) by Andrew Gross
Andrew Gross Collection 3 Books Set (Killing Hour, Don't Look Twice, The Dark Tide) by Andrew Gross
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Andrew Gross Collection 3 Books Set

Titles in this set:

 1. Killing Hour

The Blue Zone and Reckless. A young mans suicide. An elderly woman murder. A conspiracy stretching back decades. Dr. Jay Erlichs life is perfect: a wife and children he loves; a successful career. But a call comes that changes everything. His troubled nephew, Evan, has killed himself and Jay brother is in despair. Jay flies to California to help out, and is soon convinced Evan death was no suicide. The police want him to leave the matter alone but he is determined to dig deeper. When his investigation takes him on a journey into his brother's shady past, Jay finds himself caught up in a world of dangerous secrets and ruthless killers.

2. Don't Look Twice

A breathtaking novel of suspense from the co-author of five No 1 James Patterson bestsellers including Judge and Jury and Lifeguard, and the hit thrillers The Blue Zone and The Dark Tide A revenge killing. A dead public attorney. And a family caught in the cross-fire. For local detective Ty Hauck, life is good. A waterfront house, a new girlfriend and, after uncovering a Wall Street scandal, he even a local hero. But then a day trip with his daughter turns into a bloodbath. Inner-city violence seems to have invaded his quiet Greenwich suburn. Or does someone just want it to appear that way? If so, it someone powerful enough to kill without fear of reprisal. Ty suspects things go deeper, maybe all the way to Washington and the Middle East. And everyone, from the FBI to his own family, wants him to stop looking. But with his estranged brother, Warren, in danger, Ty can turn away. He ignores the warnings with devastating and explosive consequences.

3. The Dark Tide

GET UP. KISS YOUR FAMILY GOODBYE. GOT TO WORK. DIEThey say bad luck comes in threes. But for Karen Friedman family, bad luck is just the beginning. It starts with her husband Charlie investments going wrong and the sudden death of a family pet. Then one morning Charlie takes the train to work  straight into a lethal terrorist blast. For his widow Karen and their children, all that remains of Charlie is a shared past. Or is it? When the Friedmans begin to receive terrifying threats Karen turns to Detective Ty Hauck for help. Hauck's family fell apart too, after a tragic accident he still blames himself for. Now he's determined to keep Karen safe. But Hauck doesnt know about how people who investigate Charlie have a way of ending up dead

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Andrew Gross Collection 3 Books Set (Killing Hour, Don't Look Twice, The Dark Tide)

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Andrew Gross is an American author of thriller novels including four New York Times bestsellers. He is best known for his collaborations with suspense writer James Patterson. Gross’s books feature close family bonds, relationships characterized by loss or betrayal and large degree of emotional resonance which generally lead to wider crimes and cover-ups. They have all been published by William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins.

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Snazal books wholesale recommends Andrew Gross Collection 3 books set.

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Andrew Gross books never disappoint and It took me forever to get through this book. Good collection.


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