Diane Chamberlain Collection 4 Books. Titles contain in this set are: The Shadow Wife, The Midwife's Confession, The Lies We Told and Before the Storm.
Diane Chamberlain Collection 4 Books Set Shadow Wife, Midwife's Confession (lOSE) by Diane Chamberlain
Diane Chamberlain Collection 4 Books Set Shadow Wife, Midwife's Confession (lOSE) by Diane Chamberlain
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Diane Chamberlain Collection 4 Books Set


The Shadow Wife

When Joelle D'Angelo's best friend Mara suffers an aneurysm while delivering her son, Joelle is torn by her friendship with Mara and her growing desire for Mara's husband, Liam.

The Midwife's Confession

Would you read a letter never meant to be opened? Would you want to know secrets never meant to be told? Or should a woman's secrets stay buried? An unfinished letter was hidden amongst Tara and Emerson's best friends things after her suicide. Noelle was the woman they entrusted to deliver their precious babies into the world, a beloved friend. Her suicide shocked them both. But her legacy could destroy them. For her letter reveals a terrible secret that challenges everything they thought they knew. Taking them on a journey that will irrevocably change their own lives and the life of a desperate stranger forever.

The Lies We Told

Maya and Rebecca Ward are both accomplished physicians, but that's where the sisters' similarities end. As teens, they witnessed their parents' murder, but it was Rebecca who saved Maya from becoming another victim. The tragedy left Maya cautious and timid, settling for a sedate medical practice with her husband, Adam, while Rebecca became the risk taker. After a devastating hurricane, Rebecca and Adam urge Maya to join the relief effort. To please Adam, Maya agrees. She loses herself in the care and transport of victims, but when her helicopter crashes into raging flood waters, there appear to be no survivors. Forced to accept Maya's gone, Rebecca and Adam turn to one another first for comfort, then in passion unaware that miles from civilization, Maya is hurt and trapped with strangers she's not sure she can trust. Away from the sister who has always been there to save her, Maya must find the courage to save herself unaware that the life she knew has changed forever.

Before the Storm

What if your child was accused of mass murder? When the local church is razed to the ground, dozens of trapped children manage to escape" many helped by fifteen-year-old Andy Lockwood. Born with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Andy is more like a little boy that a teenager, but in the eyes of the people he saved, he's a hero. Laurel lost her son once through neglect and has spent the rest of her life determined to make up for her mistakes. Yet when suspicion of arson is cast upon Andy, Laurel must ask herself how well she really knows her son" and how far she 'll go to protect him. For fans of JODI PICOULT, this is a must read. "An excellent book, well written and thoroughly gripping. Highly recommended. newbooks on The Lost Daughter

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Diane Chamberlain Collection 4 Books Set Shadow Wife, Midwife's Confession (lOSE)

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About Author

iane Chamberlain is an award-winning author. Prior to her writing career, she was a psychotherapist in private practice in Virginia, working primarily with adolescents. Diane’s background in psychology and her work in hospitals has given her a keen interest in understanding the way people tick, as well as the background necessary to create real, living, breathing characters. Several years ago, Diane was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which has changed the way she works: she occasionally types using voice recognition software. She feels fortunate that her arthritis is not more severe and that she is able to enjoy everyday activities as well as keep up with a busy schedule.

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