Katie Flynn 11 books collection set is a numerous historical and romantic fiction novels. Titles in this set are The Mersey Girls, Strawberry Fields, The Girl from Penny Lane, Liverpool Taffy, The Rose of Tralee, A Liverpool Lass.
Katie Flynn Collection 11 Books Set by Katie Flynn
Katie Flynn Collection 11 Books Set by Katie Flynn
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Katie Flynn 11 Books Collection Set


The Mersey Girls

In 1913 Evie Murphy leaves Ireland to make her fortune on the stage in Liverpool, taking her baby daughter Linnet - but not Linnet's frail twin sister, Lucy. Years later, Lucy discovers the truth about Linnet, and embarks on a quest to find her.

Strawberry Fields

When twelve-year-old Sara Cordwainer, the unloved child of rich and fashionable parents, sees a ragged girl with a baby in her arms outside her church, she stops to talk to her, pressing her collection money into the girl's icy hand. But from this generous act comes a tragedy which will haunt her for years. When, years later, Sara meets Brogan, a young Irishman working in England, she feels she has found a friend at last. But Brogan has a secret which he dare tell no one, not even Sara. And in a Dublin slum, Brogan's little sister Polly is growing up. The only girl in a family of boys, she knows herself to be much loved, but it is not until Sara begins to work at the Salvation Army children's home, Strawberry Fields, that the two girls meet - and Brogan's secret is told at last...

The Girl from Penny Lane

Young Kitty Drinkwater lives in Paradise Court, just off Burlington Street. Life is tough in Liverpool in the years after the First World War and Kitty is always hungry and dressed in rags. As the eldest child, she is the scapegoat for her feckless, drunken mother. She dreams of a better life...Lilac Larkin's prospects, by contrast, are very different; she is beautiful, self-possessed young woman, and even when her pleasant job as a lady's maid comes to an end and she starts work in a bag factory, she is sure that her life will be full of promise and excitement...So when the two girls meet by chance in a millinery shop, neither can have any idea what changes in their lives the encounter will bring nor how strangely fate will work to bring them together once more.

Liverpool Taffy

Life is hard in 1930s Liverpool, and Biddy O'Shaughnessy is left destitute when her widowed mother dies. Forced to work all hours for Ma Kettle, owner of the local sweet shop, she can soon take no more and runs away. At first luck appears to be on her side. Sharing a flat with Ellen, an old school pal who has a special 'friend' paying the rent, keeps the wolf from the door. But fate conspires against them and Biddy finds herself homeless once more, living rough on the mean streets of Liverpool. When she applies for the post of maid with the Gallagher family, Biddy starts to feel she might at last be able to lead a normal life. Especially when she meets Dai, a young Welshman working the trawlers. But Nellie Gallagher has a secret that will change all their lives...

The Rose of Tralee

Rose Ryder worships her father, a tram-driver. She dreams of driving trams too, even though it's not considered a job for women. When her father is killed, Rose and her mother turn their home into a boarding house, and Colm O'Neill arrives from Dublin.

A Liverpool Lass

Liverpool. December, 1905. In the breaking dawn of a raw windswept morning, a new-born baby girl is left at the door of an orphange. So helpless and appealing is the foundling that young Nellie McDowell, the maid-of-all-work, decides there and then to adopt her as her own sister. In the years that follow, Nellie and Lilac become even closer than sisters in their shared struggle to survive the grinding poverty of their lot. But they cannot lean on each other for ever. Nellie delights in the sweet promise of love - and savours the bitter taste of betrayal - just as the long finger of war stretches out to divide the girls and rob Liverpool of a whole generation of its young men ...

The Girl from Sea forth Sands

Liverpool 1902. Bill and Isobel Logan scratch a living by selling their shrimps around the streets, but Amy, their youngest daughter, hates the smell, about which their neighbor, Paddy Keagan, constantly taunts her. When Isobel dies, Bill marries Suzie Keagan, a good-looking widow but lazy and selfish. The Keagans move in and tension begins to mount...Amy is desperate to get away. She takes a room share in the city centre but Liverpool is in turmoil with strikes and riots, and life is hard for young girls. Furthermore, Amy's visits home and spoiled by the presence of the hated Paddy...A warm and moving story of young people and their loves and jealousies, played out against the hardship and humour of their Liverpool background.

Rainbow's End

The stories of two very different girls: Ellen, in Liverpool, bringing up her sister and brothers single-handedly; and Maggie in the Dublin tenements, working for the Nolan family and falling in love with Liam. World War I will change everything - and uncover a link between the families.

The Pride

Set in the years preceding the First World War, this unforgettable drama follows the trails and fortunes of a remarkable family. At the heart of the rich cast of characters is the unforgettable Tina Rose, a Norfolk girl whose love for Edward Neyler sets a course of conflicting loyalties that will take her half-way across the world ...Edward's brother Mark, whose marriage to a Chinese girl will bring him both ecstasy and despair .. and Tina's family, infuriating and endearing by turns, but always surrounding her with warmth and protection. This vivid panorama of passion and tragedy stretches from the vast dairy farms of New Zealand to America's booming oil towns and irrevocably links the Neyler and Rose families, from the declining gold-fields of the Clutha to the thriving industrial cities of England. It is a superb and moving story of human love and endeavour.

Heading Home

Claudia and her younger sister, Jenny, live with their parents, Louisa and Cormack Muldoon, in their grandmother's house in Blodwen Street. Louisa has a good job in a dress shop on Scotland Road and Cormack is a supervisor at the nearby tobacco manufactory. They assume they are settled for life, but then Grandpa Muldoon has a seizure and begs his son to return to Kilnevin and the family croft.

A Mother's Hope

Along a blacked-out wartime street a girl is scurrying, a basket on one arm. As the sirens begin and the bombs crash down, she is filled with panic and, with a heavy heart, abandons her burden in a sheltered doorway, meaning to return later. Even as she disappears in the resulting chaos, the bundle in the basket begins to wail. Years later, two young unfortunates meet on a miserable November day. Martin has been desperately trying to hitch a lift along the lonely windswept road and when he sees a weeping girl in front of him, he hurries to catch her up. Rose and Martin become unlikely companions until they go their separate ways, not expecting to meet again. However, fate decrees otherwise ..

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Katie Flynn Collection 11 Books Set

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Katie Flynn is the author of numerous historical and romantic fiction novels. She has lived for many years in the northwest of the United Kingdom, where she started her career writing short stories and articles. She has over 90 novels published under various pseudonyms, one of which is Judith Saxton. For the past few years she has had to cope with myalgic encephalomyelitis but continues to write.

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