Miss read Fairacre series depicts the life of english village. One is the downland village of Fairacre & the other, Cotswold village of Thrush Green.
Miss Read Fairacre Series Womens Novel Collection 5 Books Set Pack by Miss Read
Miss Read Fairacre Series Womens Novel Collection 5 Books Set Pack by Miss Read
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Miss Read Fairacre Series Womens Novel Collection 5 Books Set Pack


Further Afield

On the first day of the summer holidays Miss Read plunges literally into the end of term, by falling downstairs and breaking her arm and twisting her ankle. Her old friend Amy Garfield insists on taking her on holiday to the idyllic island of Crete. The two women, so dissimilar but united in friendship, have time to assess the values of married and single life.

At Home in Thrush Green

Charles Henstock, vicar of Thrush Green is living in his new vicarage after the old one burned down. In place of the old vicarage, eight retirement homes are being built for those villagers most in need. But how to choose who will live there? How will they get on together? And how will they accommodate all the pets? The spring has brought a new crop of dilemmas, but Dr. Henstock and the villagers are determined to make the old people feel at home in Thrush Green.

Affairs at Thrush Green

In Affairs at Thrush Green, Miss Read continues the fortunes of the Thrush Green families whom we last met in Gossip from Thrush Green. Here we follow the kindly vicar, Charles Henstock, to the neighboring Lulling, after his home was burned to the ground at the end of the earlier novel. Going to a new church is never easy, even in the best of times; indeed, poor Dr. Henstock encounters some very redoubtable females in Lulling. A full-scale power struggle erupts over the question of kneeling cushions for the Lady Chapel, and other difficulties revolve around the crotchety old sexton Albert Piggott. Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger arrives at the Fuschia Bush cafe, and its rivalry with the Two Pheasants becomes more acute. One knows, however, that Miss Read will make all come right in the end.

Village Affairs

The village of Fairacre is buzzing with rumors of the imminent closure of its two-class school. As fears grow amid mounting conjecture, headmistress Miss Read's future hangs in the balance. And trouble is never far away as village life is further disrupted by tangled matrimonial affairs and a police investigation. The community must rally together to face this new threat.

Battles at Thrush Green

Children's voices ring out from the school playground; in the distance there is the gentle hum of a lawnmower; and all around the village birdsong can be heard. But despite all evidence to the contrary, in the village of Thrush Green, feelings are running high... The rector has a plan for the neglected churchyard which doesn't meet with universal approval; there is a clash of personalities at the local school; and someone has returned to the village after an absence of fifty years. Before long, the tranquillity of the Cotswold village is shattered.

Return to Thrush Green

It's Spring again in the village of Thrush Green and with the changing season comes change for many of the villagers. An unexpected arrival at the local railway station is sure to disrupt more than one life; Joan Young's father has come to Thrush Green in the hope that the country air will restore him to health; Miss Fogerty welcomes an old friend and Harold Shoosmith is hoping that, at last, his bachelor days are over. Meanwhile, Molly and Ben Curdle have a very difficult decision to make...

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Miss Read Fairacre Series Womens Novel Collection 5 Books Set Pack

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About Author

Miss Read (1913-2012) was the pseudonym of Mrs. Dora Saint, a former schoolteacher beloved for her novels of English rural life, especially those set in the fictional villages of Thrush Green and Fairacre. The first of these, Village School, was published in 1955, and Miss Read continued to write until her retirement in 1996. In the 1998, she was awarded an MBE, or Member of the Order of the British Empire, for her services to literature.

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Miss Read Fairacre Series Womens Novel Collection 5 Books Set Pack is recommended by Snazal Wholesale books.

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This book is the first leg of a heart warming adventure. Set in the imaginary world of Fairacre, a village inEngland, Miss Read, the headmistress, regales her readers with humorous stories about her students and the village residents.


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