My Sister the Vampire Quartet 4 Books Collection Set, My Sister the Vampire is a series about two sisters who were separated at birth. Titles in this set are: Switched, Fangtastic, Revamped and Vampalicious.
My Sister the Vampire Quartet 4 Books Collection Set by Sienna Mercer
My Sister the Vampire Quartet 4 Books Collection Set by Sienna Mercer
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My Sister the Vampire Quartet 4 Books Set


1. Switched

Olivia Abbott is a cheerleader - pretty clothes, pretty hair and pretty perfect. Ivy Vega is definitely not the cheerleading type - black clothes, black eyeliner, pale skin. In fact she seems the exact opposite of Olivia - or she would be if she wasn't her twin!Meeting for the first time since being separated at birth, Olivia is about to discover that her long lost sister may just have some skeletons in her closet. But that won't put her off getting to know Ivy. After all, blood is thicker than water - and it's certainly tastier!This title combines the excitement of finding a long-lost sister with a hair-raising twist. Sink your teeth into Olivia and Ivy's fright-time adventure.

2. Fangtastic!

Olivia is a vegetarian. Ivy is a vampire. And they're twins?!? Ever since Olivia discovered that her long-lost twin sister, Ivy, is a vampire, she's been soaking up everything Ivy will tell her about Franklin Grove's vampire community. It's all top secret, and Olivia's sworn that she'll never tell another soul. But now, nosy tabloid reporter Serena Star is sniffing around like a bloodhound. As she gets closer and closer to the truth, it's up to Ivy and Olivia to throw her off the scent. This is one fangtastic news story that can't see the light of day! Sink your teeth into Olivia and Ivy's second fright-time adventure.

3. Revamped

The secret is out - cheerleader Olivia and vampire Ivy are twins! Now that Ivy and Olivia have told their friends that they're twins, they have to come clean to their adoptive parents. But Ivy's dad doesn't even want to meet Olivia! When the vampire officials realize Olivia knows the truth about vampires, they demand that she pass three tests to prove she can be trusted. But these aren't any old tests - they will really get the blood pumping. Yikes! One thing's for sure - if the sisters can get through this, they can get through anything! Sink your teeth into Olivia and Ivy's third fright-time adventure.

4. Vampalicious

Ivy and Olivia can't lose each other again! Even though twin sisters Ivy and Olivia, separated at birth, have only been reunited for a few months, they can't imagine life without each other. But Ivy's dad has decided to move to Europe - and he's taking Ivy with him! Oh, no! With Olivia's cheerleader optimism and Ivy's vampire craftiness, they're determined to come up with a plan that will keep Ivy and her dad in Franklin Grove. Can the twins stop a vampire from spreading his wings? Sink your teeth into Olivia and Ivy's fourth fright-time adventure.

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My Sister the Vampire Quartet 4 Books Collection Set

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Sienna Mercer grew up in Toronto, Canada. She was an only child, and always wanted a brother or sister – especially a twin. A twin would have been awesome! Sadly, she never got that sister so, when she was grown up, she did the next best thing - she wrote books about a girl who reminded her of herself, and gave her the most fun, fabulous twin she could think of!

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My 9yr old absolutely loved this book. She can't wait to read the second book. I thought at first it was going scary but she had read book three of that series and wanted to read the 1st book. It made a great Easter present for her and anything that keeps her reading is a good thing.


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