Virginia Andrews Collection 10 Books Set Pack. Titles are: Melody, Unfinished Symphony, Rain, Celeste, Eye of the Storm, Heart Song, Music in the Night, Lightning Strikes, Olivia and The End if the Rainbow.
Virginia Andrews Collection 10 Books Set by Virgina Andrews
Virginia Andrews Collection 10 Books Set by Virgina Andrews
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Virginia Andrews Collection 10 Books Set



Melody Logan knew her beautiful mother, Haille, was unhappy in their blue-collar mining town, but with her father's unwavering love, Melody always felt safe - until a terrible mining accident ripped her from her family's moorings. Still devastated by her father's death, Melody leaves West Virginia with her mother to follow Haille's dreams of becoming a model or actress. But first they make a stopover in Cape Cod to visit Melody's father's family for the first time. Melody knows only that her grandparents disowned her father when he married her mother - but now, moments after Melody first sets eyes on her dour, Bible-spouting Uncle Jacob, nervous Aunt Sara, and her cousins, handsome Cary, whose twin sister Laura has been killed in a sailing accident, and sweet, deaf little May, Haille announces that Melody is going to live with them. Sleeping in her dead cousin Laura's room, Melody knows nothing of the dark deceptions that are soon to surface, the sad, shocking truth about her parents - and the devastating betrayals that she is about to face.

Heart Song

Left with her stepfather's relatives on Cape Cod following his sudden death, Melody feels utterly marooned. The wealthy, tight-lipped Logans harbour dark secrets, and no one but their good-hearted son, Cary, will breathe a word. Then her mother dies in a car accident and Melody is left feeling more alone than ever. Forced to live in the room and wear the clothes that belonged to Carey's dead twin sister, Melody sometimes feels she has no identity at all. She manages to escape from the family by taking a summer job with Kenneth Childs, the man she believes might be her real father. And from the moment she learns that she and Carey aren't real cousins, the tender affection she feels for him matures into something much stronger. But although Carey has pledged his love for her, she knows she cannot echo his words until she discovers the buried truth about her past.

Unfinished Symphony

With her mother, Haille, and stepfather both dead in tragic accidents, Melody has only just begun to find a safe mooring with the Logans, her secretive relatives on Cape Cod. But her peace of mind is shattered when a friend spots a photograph of Haille modelling in a catalogue. Is it possible that Melody's mother didn't perish in a Californian fire after all? When she eventually tracks down her mother, Haille pretends not to recognise her daughter. Why is she living with the loathsome Archie Marlin? And why did she fake her own death? Melody is determined to find out. For only in her mother's world of unkept promises and tattered fantasies will she unearth the truth about her past.

Music in the Night

Laura Logan loves life on Cape Cod, spending magical days by the sea with her beloved twin brother, Carey. But then the vicious rumours at school begin - cruel voices saying unspeakable things about the Logans. Laura tries to ignore them, but not until handsome, gentle Robert Royce moves to their town does she feel truly carefree and happy again. Then Grandma Olivia issues a chilling threat, forbidding Laura to see Robert ever again. Left alone to suffer because of dark secrets no one will explain, Laura obeys - until the miracle of a glorious summer leads her back into Robert's arms. But tragedy looms on the horizon: secrets from the Logans' shameful past are about to break - with tragic and devastating consequences.


Life isn't easy for Rain Arnold. Unlike her sister, she has battled against the odds to do well at school and to be a good daughter. But Rain can't suppress the feeling that she has never really belonged, that she is a stranger in her own world.

Lightning Strikes

Having finally won over Grandmother Hudson, Rain finds a measure of peace in the privileged world into which she was thrown after the death of her sister. However, her real love is acting and eventually she is allowed to go to London to study at RADA. But the unexpected lies in wait for her.


He was her mirror image. Now the mirror has cracked. Celeste and her identical twin brother, Noble, are as close as can be - until a tragic accident takes Noble's life. It's a loss that pushes their mother, a woman obsessed with New Age superstitions, over the edge. Desperate to keep her son 'alive', Celeste's mother forces her to cut her hair, wear boys' clothes - and take on Noble's identity. Celeste has virtually disappeared - until a handsome boy moves in next door, and Celeste will risk her mother's wrath to let herself come back to life.


Olivia Logan was always the sensible one. The responsible sister. She took after her father, a man as cold and driven as the Cape Cod wind, a man possessed by an inner need to be respected and successful. Belinda Logan on the other hand was a free spirit - carefree, spontaneous, unrepentant and forever free of obligation, worry or responsibility. But although Olivia always knew that one day her younger sister would get into trouble, she never realised that the undercurrents of disaster would grow into a raging flood. Then came that fateful night when Olivia was awakened by the low whistle of the wind off the ocean - a whistle that became an unearthly wail. It was the tragic night that their father would forbid them to speak of ever again. The night they would never forget. The night that would send generations of Logans down an unavoidable path of lies, deceit and heartbreak.

Eye of the Storm

The third book in the magnificent Rain series; After a successful first year in one of London's finest drama schools, Rain returns to America to cope with the death of Grandmother Hudson, the only family member who truly loved Rain for who she was. Now Rain finds herself the controlling heir in her grandmother's will, inheriting the vast millions of the Hudson wealth. Rain can hardly believe it. Is this a gift or a test? All she knows is that she is alone to face the rest of the Hudson family. They will not allow Rain to inherit the fortune that is their birthright. They will do whatever it takes to remove this parasitic young woman from their lives. Rain knows how to fight. And she is not afraid to try. But the battle for her grandmother's estate is only the beginning. Rain will soon face a tragedy of her own - a devastating blow to her dreams that will leave her shattered. And finally, Rain will have to come to terms with her own fears to discover the person she truly wants to be.

The End if the Rainbow 

Fourth novel in the thrilling Hudson series, following the turbulent life of Rain. Rain's daughter Summer is about to turn sixteen. All her life, she has lived on the Virginia family estate where the Hudson family's secrets have lurked among the shadows for generations. Like all girls her age, Summer dreams of growing up and making her own life, of falling in love and finding her soulmate. But a devastating tragedy will force Summer to stare into the cold eyes of adulthood long before she is ready, and flee the only place she has ever called home. For Summer is about to discover secrets of her own. Some she will keep. Some she will share. And some will haunt her for the rest of her life.

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Virginia Andrews Collection 10 Books Set

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Cleo Virginia Andrews (June 6, 1923 – December 19, 1986), better known as V. C. Andrews or Virginia C. Andrews, was an American novelist. She was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. Andrews died of breast cancer at the age of 63.

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