Zara Devereux 4 Books Set Collection. New Titles in This Set are: Wild Silk, Velvet Touch, Silken Bonds and Wicked Ways.
Zara Devereux 4 Books Set Collection Wild Silk, Velvet Touch Fifty Shades Fans by Zara Devereux
Zara Devereux 4 Books Set Collection Wild Silk, Velvet Touch Fifty Shades Fans by Zara Devereux
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Zara Devereux 4 Books Set Collection:

Titles in this collection:

Wild Silk

Merran Faulkner inherits her eccentric uncle's fortune, but there's one condition: as a world-famous explorer, it was his dying wish that she should travel to South America to search for a lost Inca treasure. Certainly not something the sheltered heiress had in mind for her next vacation. But as Merran treks her way through the jungle, her uncle's artefact isn't her only new discovery. Meeting the mysterious Don Miguel, Merran's Amazonian adventure becomes so much more than her uncle's will ever entailed. And as Merran gets to know Don, with his temptingly exotic ways, suddenly the wild side she's tried so desperately hard to hide wants to come out and play . . .

Velvet Touch

When Karen Heywood is offered a new job as assistant archivist, she hopes that the mysterious halls and old libraries of Blackwood Towers will finally reveal to her the inner strength and purpose she's spent her life searching for. But as dark secrets and desires start to rise to the surface, Karen realises there's more to the job than she bargained for. Secrets that she craves to unravel - and only one man whose answers will set her free. Blackwood's mysterious owner, Lord Mallory Burnet . . . the same man who's starting to consume her every waking thought.

Silken Bonds

Christmas is never a good time to break up with someone but Tamzin has had enough of Tim; he isn't man enough for her. Bored and frustrated, Tamzin agrees to attend a Christmas party hosted by a colleague, unaware of how out of hand things will get. Tamzin discovers startling things about her desires - and she wants to learn more. When she hears about a very special hotel that caters for all tastes, Tamzin knows she must stay there. It is at Cheveral Court that Tamzin encounters Guy, a man like no other she's ever met before. Will he be the one to take her to the edge?

Wicked Ways

Beautiful and ambitious friends Kelly Adele and Judith Blake are thrilled when they are taken on as assistants in a rare bookshop. They soon find out, however, that the shop's owner, Adam Renald, likes to go to bed with more than just a good book. Thrust into a world of passion, danger and discovery, Kelly and Judith accept an invitation to France and face a life-changing dilemma. Can they delve deeper into the intoxicating world they've glimpsed and ever turn back? And as the flames of passion burn brighter in the dark French chateau, the girls realise - would they ever want to . . . ?

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Zara Devereux 4 Books Set Collection Wild Silk, Velvet Touch Fifty Shades Fans

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Zara was born in Cornwall and after completing her foundation training she began to work for a fine art framers and restorers in London. During this time Zara began to collect the remnants of papers and fibres seeds and silk threads to create paper she later used for her collages. Many of these papers along with others from China Thailand and India now form the basis and inspiration for her work. The leaves in her collages are collected throughout the year and give her pieces a feeling of transience. The leaves before they are used are pressed for months and with the application of watercolour. P.V.A and embroidery, this meduim becomes very durable with amazing results.Working in St Ives, Zara builds up her multiple pictures almost like jigsaws, creating collages of leaves, feathers, seeds, intermeshed with printing and oil paint. The finished work acts as a narrative, always with an awareness of the natural world around us even in this urbanised, technological age.

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Zara Devereux, Wild Silk, Velvet Touch, Fifty Shades is a great set of books and I would like to recommend them to others.


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