Horrid Henry Collection 19 Titles in 7 Books Set by Francesca Simon. The set brings together horrid henry's favorite jokes & guide to perfect parents.
Horrid Henry Collection 19 Titles in 7 Books Set by Francesca Simon
Horrid Henry Collection 19 Titles in 7 Books Set by Francesca Simon
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Horrid Henry Collection 15 Titles in 6 Books Set

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Horrid Henry's Favourite Jokes 3 Book in 1

Horrid Henry Joke Book

Warning - Too rude for parents and for slimy toad little brothers. Readon if you dare.

Horrid Henry Jolly Joke Book

Horrid Henry's friends and enemies all think his first joke book was such a great idea that they want to write one, too! Themed sections from each of Henry's classmates and some of his teachers include Ralph's Rude Jokes, Gurinder's Gorgeous Jokes, Weepy William's 'Wah Nobody Laughed at My Jokes' Jokes, Boudica's Battle Jokes and Fangmangler Jokes. Of course Henry's determined to have the last word with the funniest and grossest jokes of all.

Horrid Henry Mighty Joke Book

Horrid Henry's friends are so keen to hamper Henry's humour, after the success of their contributions to his JOLLY JOKE BOOK, that they're willing to pay Henry to include their jokes in his next book. But they don't realise that Henry has saved his best gags for this book, so their hard-earned money will be misspent when their anecdotes are overshadowed.

A Handful of Horrid Henry 3 Book in 1

Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry tries to be perfect for one day; he learns to dance, quarrels with his arch-enemy Moody Margaret and goes on holiday.

Horrid Henry and the Secret Club

Miranda Richardson's delivery is perfection and the manic music is a delight.

Horrid Henry Tricks the tooth fairy

Four stories about Horrid Henry, in which he tries to trick the tooth fairy, has Moody Margaret to stay and sends her packing, makes teachers run screaming from school, and wrecks a wedding.

A Helping of Horrid Henry 3 Books in 1

Horrid Henry Nits

When Horrid Henry gets nits, and his little brother Peter Perfect doesn't, he makes sure that everyone esle gets them too. After that, he can turn his attention to sabotaging the school trip, ruining his parents' dinner party, and terrorizing Peter.

Horrid Henry Get Rich Quick

Horrid Henry is probably your worst nightmare. He is messy, naughty, cheeky, always in some kind of trouble and usually manages to drag other children into his muddles. Kids love him, and in Horrid Henry Strikes it Rich by Francesca Simon, Henry manages to sabotage the school sports day, run away from home, wheedle his way into getting all the presents he wants for Christmas and then comes up with a cunning plan to get very, very rich.

Horrid Henry Haunted House

Four favourite HORRID HENRY stories: Horrid Henry and the Comfy Black Chair, Horrid Henry's Haunted House, Horrid Henry's School Fair, and Horrid Henry Minds his Manners.

A Hat Trick of Horrid Henry 3 Book in 1

Horrid Henry and the Mega Man Time Machine

Francesca Simon's lovably evil anti-hero, Horrid Henry, and his grotesquely good younger brother, Perfect Peter, cross swords again in these four new stories. The best sees Horrid Henry duping Perfect Peter into believing the cardboard box in the sitting room really is a time machine.

Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend

Each story has enough twists to keep bad kids shrieking with glee' -- Amanda Craig THE TIMES 'sees Henry back on truly horrid form. Brilliant illustrations and a hilarious collection of classic stories your kids will love.' -- Natasha Harding THE SUN 'Horrid Henry is the unpleasant, conniving little mischeif maker who has nevertheless helped Francesca Simon carve out a career as a best-selling writer.'

Horrid Henry Christmas Cracker

achingly funny and surprisingly sophisticated.' -- Amanda Craig THE TIMES 'Horrid Henry is as rude and awful as ever and his Christmas is full of hilarious disasters. Francesca Simon fans will love this book.' WARWICK BOOKS NEWSLETTER 'Horrid Henry is at it again! Four stories to make you ache with laughter... Rollicking fun.'

A Triple Treat of Horrid Henry 3 Books in 1

Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse

Four favourite stories: Horrid Henry's Hobby, Horrid Henry's Homework, Horrid Henry's Swimming Lesson and Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse

Horrid Henry Revenge

'I liked this because it had funny things like when Henry tricks Peter by pretending he has fairies and saying they only come out at night.'

Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter

Praise for Horrid Henry: "Francesca Simon's Horrid Henry is the last boy on earth you'd ever fancy, though he's utterly irresistable and weirdly familiar." The Independent on Sunday "Francesca Simon has become a master of slapstick humour with her ever popular Horrid Henry series. Children love the subversive nature and the sneekiness of the eponymous 'hero'." Birmingham Post "Long may this dreadful boy continue to terrorise all who know him. He's a nightmare, but so entertaining." Parents Guide "The four stories in this book are laugh aloud funny. ... I can't help feeling that Francesca Simon had as much fun researching these stories as she gives to her young readers" Carousel

A Giant Sline of Horrid Henry 3 Books in 1

Horrid Henry Stinkbomb

Children enjoy the smelliness, naughtiness and sheer anarchy of these stories. Tony Ross's lively illustrations enhance the quirkiness of the book."

Horrid Henry Underpants

'In which the world's most revolting child (right) demonstrates the awful consequences of wearing the wrong nether garments.'

Horrid Henry Meets the Queen

'wonderfully fiendish' SUNDAY EXPRESS April 2006 'this is a really good fantasy story... I enjoyed reading it as it is very funny.' -- Robert Nicholls, Age 11 AQUILA

Horrid Henry's Guide to Perfect Parents

A brand new Horrid Henry book for World Book Day, packed with Henry's top tips on perfecting difficult parents


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Horrid Henry Collection 19 Titles in 7 Books Set

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Francesca Simon was born in St Louis, Missouri, grew up in California, and attended both Yale and Oxford Universities, where she specialised in Medieval Studies. How this prepared her to write children’s books she cannot imagine, but it did give her a thorough grounding in alliteration. She then threw away a lucrative career as a medievalist and worked as a freelance journalist, writing for the Sunday Times, Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Telegraph, and Vogue (US). After her son Joshua was born in 1989, she started writing children’s books full time. One of the UK’s best-selling children’s writers, Francesca has published over 50 books, including the immensely popular HORRID HENRY series, which has now sold over twelve milllion copies. Francesca won the Children’s Book of the Year in 2008 at the British Book Awards for Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman. HORRID HENRY is published in 24 countries and is also an animated CITV series. She lives in London with her husband, son, and Tibetan Spaniel, Shanti.

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Horrid Henry Collection 19 Titles in 7 Books Set by Francesca Simon is recommend by Snazal wholesale books shop at best price.

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Horrid henry books are amazingly interesting, funny and lovely sets, the story about a little boy who is notoriously 'horid' and not hygiene and mischievous.. brilliant set.


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